How To Transfer Airtime On MTN: 2 Super-Easy Ways!

A great number of users ask how to transfer MTN credit to their relatives or just anyone. It’s not really difficult to transfer airtime on MTN Network and it is quite safe too since every transfer is protected by a pin that only the owner of the transfer can know.

If you are new to MTN or just don’t remember how it functions but wants to transfer airtime on MTN, read on and find out how to transfer airtime on MTN – will tell you about two simple ways to do it!

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1. MTN share airtime: intro

Wanna know how to share airtime on MTN from your sim card to the card of your loved one? MTN airtime transfer oftentimes seems complicated because the users are puzzled about which format they must use in order to transfer the credit to a different line.

Check out this simple manual about how to send airtime on MTN Networks, the most popular network in Nigeria.

2. How to transfer credit from MTN to MTN?

2.1. How can I transfer data on MTN?

Before starting a credit transfer from an MTN line, first of all, think of a secret pin (consisting of four digits) that only you know. If your pin gets known to scammers, they will be able to transfer your airtime to any line they need.

2.2. How to transfer airtime using MTN: changing your default transfer pin code

First, alter your transfer pin from the automatically generated to a number that you can easily remember.

NB: never use your ATM PIN as MTN transfer PIN!

The default combination of digits is 0000. Use USSD or SMS to alter the pin.

3. MTN airtime transfer: how to change your pin via SMS

  • Send the message 00001234 1234 to 777 to reset your pin;
  • The 0000 is the command for the default pin;
  • 1234 is the command for the new pin;
  • Repeat 1234 to confirm new pin resetting;
  • Instead of 1234, you can use any code that is convenient for you. If you input it correctly, you will get a text confirming the successful reset of your pin!

4. How do I transfer airtime on MTN: resetting your pin via ussd

In order to alter your transfer pin with the help of USSD, simply input *601*default/old PIN*New PIN*New PIN# and press SEND.

For instance, if you need to reset your pin from default to 1122, then simply dial *601*0000*1122*1122#. If you do everything right, you will promptly receive a notification about the pin reset being successful.

5. How to send credit to MTN?

There are two ways to transfer credit from MTN: USSD and SMS.

5.1. Credit MTN transfer via SMS:

  • Transfer 08068930609400 1234 and send to 777;
  • Red = the phone Number of the Recipient;
  • Brown = the Amount you want to Transfer;
  • Green = Secret PIN (normally consisting of 4 digits);
  • If you do this correctly, you will promptly get a notification asking you to confirm your transfer via sending YES to 777. In order to cancel MTN transfer airtime process, simply send CANCEL to 777.

5.2. Airtime transfer on MTN via USSD

If you’re still puzzled how to transfer on MTN, you can use USSD.

In order to transfer credit with the help of USSD, dial *600*phone number*amount*PIN# and press SEND. For instance, if you need to transfer 400 to 08068930609, simply input *600*08068930609*400*1234#. If you do everything correctly, you will get a notification that your transfer is successful.

Therefore, the MTN transfer code is 777 and you will use it for sharing airtime on MTN via SMS or USSD.

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