Application Letter For The Post Of A Teacher

A teaching job is an honourable and coveted position for thousands of Nigerian graduates. If you want to join the teaching industry or already work as a teacher and want to advance your career, you should definitely know how to write an application letter for teacher.

Many job seekers today use a sample application letter for teacher to craft their own work. Find out how to write application letter for teaching job in school and take a look at a sample application for school teacher job.

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1. Why do you need an application letter for teacher in Nigeria?

If you’ve never had experience with application for employment as a teacher, you may be wondering: “Why do I need to write a letter for teacher when I can simply send my resume and hope for the best?”

The truth is that nowadays an application letter for the post of a teacher is your first opportunity to make an impression on your prospective employee. If you don’t include a letter into your application for teaching job in school or in include a poorly written one, your chances of employment will be minimal.

2. Tips for writing a good application for the post of teacher

Before you see a sample application job letter for a teacher, let’s find out what a good example of application letter for teacher should look like. Here are 4 essential tips on how to write an application letter for a teaching job.

1. Focus on your achievements

In order to grab the reader’s attention, your cover letter should highlight your achievements at previous workplaces and at college. How exactly were you able to bring positive changes in your past positions and how did it affect the life of the school?

2. Don’t rush it

Many job seekers consider the cover letter to be the least important part of the application process and pay minimal attention to this step. However, a poorly written letter, riddled with misspellings and logical mistakes, is only going to hurt your chances of becoming employed.

3. List all relevant qualifications

Another thing you’ll find in any sample application for teaching job is a list of trainings and certifications the applicant has gone through. If you have had any training outside of the central education, it’s going to show that you’re dedicated to being a good teacher.

4. Be specific

While applying for a teaching position, you can’t just take one of the teaching job application letter examples and put your name on it. The best way to make an impression with your cover letter is to tailor it specifically for the institution and job ad you’re applying to.

3. Sample cover letter for teacher

We’ve covered some essential tips on how to write application letter for teaching and now you have a better idea about the application for teaching job. This sample teacher cover letter with experience will help you craft your own application letter that will land you the job.

Your name and address

The contact’s name and school address

Dear Mr. School Principal!

I am interested in applying for the position of the English teacher at your school that was recently advertised online.

I graduated the XXX college in 20XX and have worked as an English teacher ever since. I have experience teaching in both primary and secondary school, but I am more interested in continuing my career in secondary school.

The main reason why I can be a valuable asset to your respectable institution is my vast experience in teaching both in urban and suburban setting, which gives me an opportunity to overcome all kinds of obstacles on my way with supplying the students with a firm grasp of English.

I know that your school prides itself on having students who win national English competitions, and, after having prepared dozens of students to take part and win those competitions, I would be happy to continue this kind of work at your institution.

I am grateful for you taking the time to read my application. I am looking forward to you contacting me to discuss further employment opportunities at your school.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]

This is what a sample application letter for secondary teacher looks like – you can add your own details that you feel your prospective employer must know about you.

4. Conclusion

Now that you know everything about application letters, let’s remember once again how to write application for teaching job:

  1. Be patient and proofread your writing.
  2. Highlight your achievements at previous workplaces.
  3. List all relevant trainings and certifications.
  4. Tailor each application letter for a specific position.
  5. Use a sample letter to make the writing job easier.

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