Hushpuppi Cars, House And Net Worth

Ray Hushpuppi has become a household name in Nigeria years ago, but even for the biggest fans there are still mysteries surrounding the philanthropist and man who loves to live large, Hushpuppi. Find out which possessions Hushpuppi currently has!

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1. Hushpuppi net worth

When you look at Hushpuppi’s Instagram posts where he is regularly flaunting his wealth, it’s not hard to imagine how rich he is. Designer clothes and shoes, private jets and luxury restaurants, huge parties in the club and expensive drinks – it seems like Ray Hushpuppi has it all.

Despite all signs of Hushpuppi’s wealth, we still don’t know how much exactly he is worth. Some sources claim the net worth of Hushpuppi is around $20 million, which seems about right. However, judging by the rate his wealth is growing, we have no doubt this number will increase soon.

2. Hushpuppi house

Even though we can see many aspects of Ray Hushpuppi’s life on social media, he is actually very private about his home life, which is why the only time we can learn something about the house he lives in is when he posts glimpses of it online.

If the Instagram posts showing Hushpuppi in a house setting are indeed his own house, it’s not hard to notice that his home is not as luxurious as some expect it to be. It’s certainly modern and comfortable, but it doesn’t display immense wealth.

However, Raymond clearly feels comfortable in his own house enough to show it off on social media, and since we only see tiny parts of his home, it may turn out that Hushpuppi’s house is much more luxurious than we currently imagine. Check out some pics of Ray’s home!

3. Hushpuppi cars

Of course, the lavish lifestyle of Hushpuppi cannot be imagined without an enviable car collection. Although Raymond often travels by private jet around the world, he also loves to take one of his luxury cars for a ride occasionally and post pictures of it online.

Among the most notable parts of his auto collection are the iconic Mercedes G-Wagon, the reliable Range Rover, and the Rolls Royce Phantom, a car that costs around $400,000 and is the favourite model of celebrities, businessmen, and politicians of the world.

Hushpuppi is also often photographed with legendary sports vehicles and supercars, but fans aren’t sure Ray actually owns those vehicles – they may belong to his wealthy friends. Despite all that, Hushpuppi’s car park is a sight to behold, and here is a little glimpse for you!

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