Lipstick Shades You Need To Try Out Immediately!

Choosing proper lipstick colors can prove challenging, especially for dark-skinned women. Their skin can have cool or warm shades. That’s why there can be no universal recommendations.
However, the skin shade isn’t the single thing that darker-skinned women have to take into account when buying lipstick; pigment quality is essential as well.

Having analyzed the beauty statistics thoroughly, we’ve discovered the optimal lipstick colors for dark skin – look at these fantastic lip shades that will suit various skin tones perfectly!

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1. What is the best lipstick color for dark skin?

Instead of guessing, which colour lipstick suits dark skin, simply try out these shades:

  1. Copper Brown color:

This shade looks absolutely amazing and seductive on women of color. Various shades of copper brown simply blend with darker complexions naturally. This color is suitable for any gown or occasion.

  1. Red lipstick:

Red is all-time classics that looks passionate and provocative on dark girls. Make sure you use a matching lip liner and finish with a little glitter on top! Be a heartbreaker in red!

  1. Rose Pink shade:

Bright rose shades are quite complimentary to darker skin. Choose light and creamy shades of coral pink or rose pink. Soften your street look with these glamorous shades of pink!

Dive into how to make lips pink!

  1. Taupe color:

For the darkest complexions, taupe shade will be perfect especially embellished with glitter on top. You can rock it to any party!

  1. Magenta lipstick:

Magenta is the brighter shade of rose. It suits Asian dark, African dark as well as African-American skin tones very well.

  1. Fuchsia color:

We are here to break the stereotype that pink shades are for light-skinned girls only! Try Fuchsia shade and see with your own eyes that this is your perfect lipstick makeup! This shade will add some hot enigma to your look so you’ll be absolutely unbeatable!

  1. Chocolate Brown lipstick:

Chocolate brown is deeper and darker than taupe color. It looks organic and minimalistic on dark skin. Opt for it for your casual looks.

  1. Peach color:

Royal peach shade has always been the color recommended exclusively for dark-skinned girls. Indeed, this is one of the most flattering shades for such ladies!

  1. Bronze shade:

This metallic color is a great every day option since it’s very natural and elegant. You can even wear it parties, but red looks much louder there, we should admit.

  1. Nude lipstick.

In order to look classy but still soft, you should opt for the nude shade! Use a bronze liner and fill the space inside with nude – and you are the drama queen!

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Have a look at these top matte lipstick ideas for dark lips:

Top Matte Lipsticks For Dark Skin

Matte lips always look incredibly beautiful and elegant. It’s also the perfect way to make a bold beauty statement. I’ve tried this popular trend several times but it can be hard to find highly pigmented shades for women with darker skin. I’ve taken some of the guess work out and here’s my top 6 matte liquid lipsticks.

2. Lipstick for dark skin: 11 amazing products to suit you best!

Makeup for black women will be imperfect without these contemporary lipsticks by famous brands:

  • NARS audacious lipstick – Deborah
  • MAC lipstick – HEROINE
  • Smashbox always on matte liquid lipstick out loud
  • Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick – Cherry Blossom
  • OCC RTW Technopagan Lip Tar
  • Ellis Faas creamy lips chocolate & caramel
  • Lime Crime Velvetines – Black Velvet
  • Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick – 1993
  • Colourpop Ultra Matte – Dr M
  • IMAN Moisturising Lipstick – Rebel
  • LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse – Raven.

Your make-up should look natural with any lipstick: learn how to make up naturally!

3. How to apply lipstick on dark lips

Firstly, learn the basic secrets on how to make perfect lipstick makeup:

3 Steps To Cover Dark Lips Like A Pro – Lip Makeup Tricks – Glamrs

Getting the desired colour from a lipstick is usually the goal but discoloured lips rarely let us get away with it. Generally by the time, lips become uneven ie one become darker than the other. Like most of us, if you too are facing a similar problem with pigmentation on your lips, then here is an easy solution.

4. How to make lips red from black

Here’s a simple manual on how to get red lips without any effort!

Best Red Lip EVER for Dark Skin

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5. Ombre lips for dark skin

Here we got 3 Ombre lips that will be perfect for every dark skinned lady:

3 Ombre lips perfect for dark skinned women / DUMEBI LEA.

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Easy Way To Do Ombre Lips:


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Check out this ombre lips with eyeshadow look:


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