How Many Bitter Kola A Day Is Good For Your Health?

Every Nigerian can name dozens of medicinal plants with wonderful health benefits, and bitter kola is definitely on top of anyone’s list. Besides the positive effect of bitter kola, there is also a risk of eating too much of the plant. Find out how many bitter kola a day is actually good for your health!

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1. How to eat bitter kola

According to most respectable medical professionals, the optimal amount of bitter kola to take per day is 2!

You hear so much about uses of wonderful kola that it seems like this humble nut can do it all. However, hardly anyone ever speaks about the correct way to use bitter kola for your health. Plus, the side effects of bitter kola also rarely get mentioned.

The truth is that while the medicinal value of bitter kola can do a lot of good for your health, it’s also important to keep your wonderful kola intake at a moderate level.

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2. Benefits of eating bitter kola

The medicinal benefits of bitter kola are so powerful and diverse that wonderful kola is prescribed for all kinds of diseases and conditions. Here are the most popular uses of bitter kola known in Nigeria that you can use to benefit your health.

1. Fertility

Bitter kola is a mighty solution for treating the infertility problem. It works both for men’s and women’s infertility, but men can also benefit from other common bitter kola uses, such as treatment of impotence and other problems of men’s health.

2. Fibroids

Fibroids are a fairly common condition that occurs  in women regardless of age and other factors. The causes of fibroid formation are unknown, but fibroids can significantly lower your quality of life and surgery used to be the only solution for this problem.

How to use wonderful kola to cure fibroid? Simply grind the kola, allow it to ferment in water for up to 24 hours, and take twice a day.

3. Gastrointestinal health

Today we face a variety of gastrointestinal issues due to many factors, from eating junk food to stress, and bitter kola can help you treat dozens of gastrointestinal conditions. How to use bitter kola to treat these conditions? Just make a bitter kola solution as you always do and take three times a day!

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4. Weight loss

The desire to be in shape is understandable – we all want to look and feel good. Right now you can find out not only how to use wonderful kola to cure diseases, but also how to lose weight with this miraculous plant!

Bitter kola affects your weight in several ways. First, it lowers your appetite, letting you to go longer without snacking on junk food. Second, it boosts your metabolism, allowing you to see the weight loss results faster and giving you extra motivation.

5. Infections

An average person contracts various infections on a daily basis. Some of them, like common cold, can be virtually harmless in the long run, while others, like malaria, are much more serious. The use of kola nuts can help you treat most infections with surprising efficiency.

How to use wonderful kola to treat infections? Well, it largely depends on the type of infection, but, in most, cases, a water-based solution of bitter kola, paired with the medicine prescribed by your doctors, will soon deliver the anticipated results.

3. Side effects of bitter kola

In addition to its endless variety of health benefits, bitter kola also has several side effects that you should also know about. Here they are:

  • Bitter kola is rich in caffeine, which is why it should be taken with caution by pregnant women and elderly people, as well as patients suffering from heart diseases.
  • Bitter kola acts as a blood thinner, which is why it’s forbidden to take after surgeries or if you’ve had issues with your blood thickness in the past.
  • Bitter kola dramatically influences the levels of sugar in the blood, which is why it’s never prescribed to diabetic patients.

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