Plain And Pattern Ankara Styles 2018

Lately every fashion fan in Nigeria has fallen in love with plain and pattern Ankara styles. Using plain and pattern material in one outfit is a fantastic way to make your fashion style more diverse and trendy. Check out the latest plain and pattern styles for women, men, and couples!

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1. Plain and pattern Ankara styles for women

Ankara works great in all kinds of outfits, but plain and pattern Ankara designs where Ankara is used very subtly can be especially effective. Look how this simple shirt dress is elevated by the addition of Ankara!

Keeping the whole plain and pattern material style monochrome is one more great way to showcase the beautiful Ankara fabric and your taste in clothing.

Another example of monochrome plain and pattern Ankara gowns, this time carried out in the orange shade, is proof that Ankara works in any outfit and pairing you can imagine.

More and more plain and pattern Ankara long gowns are employing the colour blocking technique to kill two birds with one stone: to highlight the gorgeous Ankara fabric and to add balance to the shape of the dress.

The combination of blue and yellow has been one of the hottest ones in 2017 and it will surely continue to slay in 2018. If you’ve always wanted to try this fun combo, now is the right time!

Ankara plain and patterned skirt and blouse is one of the most popular ways to rock the plain and patterned Ankara trend. Brown is not the most common choice for Ankara styles, which makes the next outfit even more special.

The latest plain and pattern Ankara styles are very easy to adapt to office wear. For example, you can add plain white fabric to your favourite Ankara material to create a perfect corporate outfit.

One more way to effortlessly rock Ankara fabric in a casual look is to pair a gorgeous Ankara skirt with a plain denim shirt. This outfit can also be successfully worn to office, as well as dozens of other occasions.

2. Plain and pattern Ankara styles for men

Fashion-forward Nigerian men also have plenty of styles for plain and pattern material to choose from. For example, the famous singer Jidenna can teach us all a lesson on how to wear Ankara!

White is a fool-proof colour to pair with Ankara, and many guys use this rule when choosing their plain and pattern Ankara looks. When paired with white, Ankara looks even more charming.

Plain and pattern styles for men often include Agbada, which is worn on special occasions like weddings. Plain and pattern Agbada looks particularly good with loafers, which add a casual element to the outfit.

One more example of combining Ankara and white fabric is this smart suit from elegant burgundy Ankara material. It would look fantastic with dozens of other shirt colours, but white certainly works the best.

Even the runways can’t get enough of the beautiful plain and pattern Ankara styles for men. You can easily recreate this outfit with the colours and patterns you prefer and look very handsome in every situation.

3. Plain and pattern Ankara styles for couples

Nigerian couples love to rock plain and pattern Ankara outfits for weddings, photoshoots, and other occasions. Even including a small Ankara fragment into a man’s Agbada creates a complete look for the couple.

Looking for a great summer outfit with plain and pattern Ankara fabrics? Check out this breezy jumpsuit and elegant Agbada combination that you can effortlessly adapt to your own style!

Blue, red and white are among the most classic pairings in both men’s and women’s fashion, which is why the next couple were especially smart to use those three shades in their stunning plain and pattern Ankara style.

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