Rihanna Hairstyles: Top 35 Looks In Different Years!

Instead of looking the same all the time, Rihanna hairstyles have been always changing. Only at 2016 VMAs, the Vanguard Award holder made her amazing in various ways. Rihanna hair is natural and every look is some modification of her signature look she’s had during her life!

We offer you to check out the constantly changing Rihanna style – and look what hairstyles she had at various periods of her life. We are ready to bet that you haven’t seen many of these looks! Write a comment which hairstyles you like most of all!

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1. Rihanna hairstyles 2009

December, 2009. Rihanna rocks an eye-grazing off-center pixie skull cap hairstyle. 

Simply look at photos of skull cap hairstyle in Nigeria – don’t you find that this is the same?


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2. 2010 Rihanna hair do’s

January, 2010. Rihanna’s golden pixie receives a curly revamp.

March, 2010. Smooth and glossy down bangs make her hair seem longer.

July, 2010. Red Rihanna short hair first appearance

November, 2010. The red kiss-curls emphasize Rihanna’s amazing eyes.

3. Rihanna style choices of 2011

May, 2011. Rihanna looks like a red-haired Rapunzel.

May, 2011. The singer rocks one of her most gorgeous Rihanna long hairstyles ever resembling a Mermaid.

September 2011. Rihanna braids catch everyone’s attention!

4. Rihanna hairdos in 2012

January, 2012. The kiss-curls come back; they are brunette with blonde highlights.

March, 2012. Rihanna wears Farrah Fawcett-inspired hairstyle.

May, 2012. This under-shave brought to life millions of other under-shaves. This is quite typical for celebrity’s modern Nigeria short hair styles?

September, 2012. Rihanna rocks Angela Bassett style with her edgy dark pixie.

5. Rihanna styles of 2013

March, 2013. This punky side-shave is really brave and dramatic.

May, 2013. Grown hair roots become super trendy.

September, 2013. The fashion mullet is another bold look that only this singer is not afraid to rock!

November, 2013. Of the most feminine Rihanna short hairstyles – the doobie wrap became a talking point for a long time.

6. Rihanna looks in 2014

January, 2014. Rihanna wears ultra-long shiny curls.

May, 2014. The singer experiments with Bantu knots and wears blue lipstick.

May, 2014. Rihanna slays with red lips with a femme fatale high ponytail.

September, 2014. One of the mind-blowing Rihanna long hairstyles: ombre ringlets and a center part underline the perfect symmetry of Rihanna’s features.

October, 2014. The singer looks fabulous with her Aaliyah-esque sleek black hair.

7. 2015’s Rihanna’s hairstyle choices

December, 2015. Her hair is up in the front and hangs loosely in the back.

October, 2015. This is another example of Rihanna hairstyles, long partly raised hair looks very feminine!

October, 2015. The previous style looks a bit re-mastered.

August, 2015. Voluminous amber locks are raised high for the release of her Riri by Rihanna perfume.

May, 2015. The singer rocks red hair again for the 2015 Met Gala.

March, 2015. Spearheading the bucket cap fashion with mini bangs.

March, 2015. A revamped Marge Simpson.

8. Rihanna’s 2016 in style

August, 2016. This time she rocks smooth and breezy summer hairstyle.

May, 2016. Rihanna brings back the fashion for floral hair!

May, 2016. One of the cutest Rihanna hairstyles, bob looks fantabulous!

April, 2016. Royal-inspired look.

February, 2016. The perfect bob.

March 2016. This wavy Rihanna short hair 2016 is totally awesome!

9. Rihanna hairstyles 2017

10. Rihanna short hairstyles front and back

Rihanna Short Hairstyles Front And Back । 30 Rihanna Short Hairstyles

http://hairstraightenerbeauty.com/hairstyles/ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rihanna Short Hairstyles Front And Back । 30 Rihanna Short Hairstyles Rihanna is often referred to as a hair chameleon. Actually, she is also a skilled fashion chameleon, since it’s hard to find any other celebrity who would change her looks so drastically within relatively short periods of time.

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