Thread Hairstyles: Fullest Collection Of Latest Looks

Thread hairstyles are top trend now! They take their origin from the ancient period and are still loved by lots of fashionistas who love to be the centre of attention.

Another amazing thing is African threading for hair growth. It really protects your hair and keeps it sleek and healthy!

Wanna give Nigerian thread hairstyle a try? Read this post and find out everything about these styles!

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1. Thread hair styles: back to the roots

In the past our great great grand mums didn’t have flat irons or hair driers to facilitate hair care, so they used African hair threading with yarn to stretch their hair and keep its length. Because of no heat, their hair looked healthier too. This natural way of stretching is in trend again!

There are lots of African hair styles using thread available- check these out and try them!

  • Spider threads styling;

  • Brazilian yarn;

  • Ends protected!

  • Half & half;

  • Intricate African hair threading;

  • Easy styling;

  • The simplest thing;

  • Threading & Didi mix;

  • Threaded African updo.

See more amazing African threading hair styles to be inspired:

2. Does African threading grow hair?

Protective styling allows your kinky curls to grow and maintain their length. The trick is that your natural hair is covered and nothing can damage or mess with it. African threading helps your hair to stay intact and you don’t need to style it.

Check out what it looks like:

What 10 Days Of African Hair Threading Did To My Natural Hair!!!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to NaturallyPhilo. So I left my hair in African Hair Threading for 10 days and my results were amazing! My hair was so moisturized and stretched to the Heavens! I’m grateful! I hope you enjoy, and yes, your girl is back with the videos!

3. Cosy thread lock hairstyles with Yarn Braids

There are lots of various ways to rock your jet-black braided hair. Woolen thread is a hairstyle that features fabulous artificial texture that complements your own stubborn kinks!

4. Rubber thread hairstyles

5. African hair threading with yarn

3 Yarn Wrap Hairstyles | How To Style Your Yarn Wraps Tutorial Part 5 of 6

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6. African threading short hair


No Description

7. African hair threading technique

Find out how to do African hair threading from real experts!

Aveda | Textured Hair Threading Technique by Charlotte Mensah Looking back at the 2015 Aveda Congress, Aveda Artist Charlotte Mensah breaks down the process behind creating a hairstyle using a threading technique for naturally textured hair. Inspired by the real nomadic women of the West African Fulani Tribe, Charlotte designs an organic blow-dry effect that lengthens hair using Aveda Smooth Infusion.

8. African threading to stretch natural hair

African threading : stretch your natural 4C hair without heat

African threading is an easy way to stretch your natural hair without heat which usually do a lot of damage to natural hair. I tried it and loved the outcome 🙂 best way to stretch and retain length of your natural hair.

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