Trendy Ankara Shirts Styles for Guys

The filling of your wardrobe depends on the personal preferences and style. Nevertheless, there are several basic items, without which it will look empty. If we speak of male fashion, shirts are definitely on the must-have list. If we speak of Nigerian men, Ankara shirts are too.

Men’s African style clothing has become extremely popular in the world during the recent years, so Ankara shirts for guys are the safe pick for those, who are not good at fashion.

However, now you have a choice: to get some of your Ankara styles for guys 2016 out of the pile of clothes or check out some of the best Ankara styles for men line up with the latest fashion trends.

Ankara shirts for guys

We have already published an overview of Ankara styles for men, but we checked out the most important male collections from the recent Fashion Weeks and are up with some new ideas of different Ankara style for guys (at least for this winter and spring).

So, make yourself comfortable and get ready to pick Ankara shirt designs for your next shopping field trip (and get ready to check what’s already available among Ankara fashion for men).


Two pockets

What men’s African shirts can be more traditional than a safari jacket? Only two-pocket Ankara shirts for men, if you know where to find one. If not, go with one pocket anyway.

Ankara shirts for guys

Business look

Don’t be surprised if you see African wear for guys worn by the most successful people in the country. Nowadays, business outfits are not limited to classic suite. The diversity of male Ankara designs 2017 is the best evidence.

Ankara shirts for guys


Completely opposite to the previous style, this one may seem pretty challenging, bold, and sometimes provocative. “Comfort above all” rule leads to the creation of designs best described as normal but luxurious (Yomi Casual latest designs are a great example). Normcore Ankara styles for boys will soon become more common.

Ankara shirts for guys



Finding a velvet Ankara shirt is a challenging task, but if you do, get ready to become the most stylish person in the neighbourhood. After rocking the 1980s, velvet went underground for quite long to make a loud comeback in 2016.

Since then, it has remained among the favorites of the fashion industry leaders. And no wonder: it looks aristocratic and simply luxurious! You can also simply combine your favorite Ankara shirt with a velvet blazer.

Ankara shirts for guys


This material comes in different variations this season (except patent leather!), from rocker bombers to elegant long cloaks. Decorative elements will make Nigerian clothing for men more original and stylish.

Ankara shirts for guys


After a short break after the early 2000s obsession, denim shirts are back, and some are decorated with African print shirts for guys. These designs fit those, who prefer casual or sport style and freedom of movement.

The leading fashion houses presented the variations of denim shirts, so it would be a mistake to fail buying the spotlight of the season.

Ankara shirts for guys

Color palette


All-white, head-to-toe, is one of the most popular looks this season. Whether you want to combine the shirt with white pants of choose another color, white Ankara shirt is a good option.

Ankara shirts for guys


The stereotype that pink is only for girls is long gone, and this color remains trendy for several seasons so far. Besides, African shirts for males look very original. You can try different shades, from catching hot to eye-warming pastel.

Ankara shirts for guys


The new classic, red was featured on the catwalks of the top fashion events recently. This season red is associated with elegance. Don’t miss a chance to look bright!

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Ankara shirts for guys

Sunrise orange

For some it sounds romantic, for some just psychedelic. Anyway, the bright color is back in the game! Of course, you haven’t forgotten that orange is one of the traditional Nigerian colors, but from now on the sunny street style is fashionable worldwide,  at least for this season.

Ankara shirts for guys


Wine-colored clothes looks luxurious even when used in simple styles. Fabrics like silk or velvet will work even better. The designers decided that laconic designs are the best option, which allows to pay more attention to the luxurious color.

Ankara shirts for guys


This is the perfect match for your everyday outfit. Besides, it is really universal: a shirt of such color fits well for office, a business meeting, a date, a walk, and a wide range of events and occasions.

Ankara shirts for guys


Always classic, always trendy, black is not going anywhere. Stylish and convenient black shirts also fit all body shapes and all occasions.

Ankara shirts for guys


Yellowish and greenish khaki shades look stylish and spicy on men. These designs emphasize the elegance, add a touch of grace and sophistication, and work well as a part of casual and business outfits.

Ankara shirts for guys


Vertical stripes

The designers focus primarily on bright colors this season. Nevertheless, there is enough room for classic patterns. This design fits anyone, regardless of their body shape, and is eye-catching. In fact, slightly retro look is a perfect option – the 70s come back on the fashion scene.

Ankara shirts for guys


Flanel shirts are not the only clothes to work well with check pattern. This is one of the hottest trends this seasons, and it could not pass by Ankara styles for guys unnoticed. Besides, it matches literally any style, from casual to business.

Ankara shirts for guys


Imagine your favorite artwork. Transfer it on an Ankara shirt. Congratulations: the next top-stylish shirt is ready! Jokes aside, the abundance of bright colors, geometric patterns, and avant-garde shapes is welcome, as well as replicas of artworks on the shirts.

Ankara shirts for guys


Flower patterns are not the female style privillage anymore. Designers like to decorate all pieces of menswear with flourishing gardens and compositions. African outfits look especially impresiive in this variant.

Ankara shirts for guys


Zebra and leopard patterns leave fashion collections and come back occasionally, as well as animal leather designs. However, this time designers went even: the more realistic images are, the more eye-catching your shirt will look.

Ankara shirts for guys

Well, we made the TOP-trendy Ankara shirts it loud and simple, all that’s left for you is shopping. And after you are done with it, check out our guide on Aso Ebi styles for guys.