6 reasons to love Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is a popular car in a middle segment with the 2.5-litre engine with a capacity of 181 horsepower. This car is also equipped with a six speed gearbox. On a first glance, the latest generation of this car is similar to previous generations, but for some reason it has gained a huge popularity. Let’s figure out why!

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It’s amazing how the design can increase or, on the contrary, conceal the vehicle’s dimensions. Seeming quite compact, the new Camry is larger than its predecessor. Its length is 10 mm and its width is 5 mm. It’s not that much, but from some perspectives the new sedan looks like class D representative.

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New generation of Toyota Camry, unlike previous generations, has got a completely new engine and a nice external restyling, which has brought this model to a whole new level!
Thanks to the new engine, Camry received the improved dynamics, especially for the complete set with powerful motor and other improvements.

Soundproof system

The new generation has an improved sound proof system of the bonnet space – now when moving even at high engine speeds, the motor is practically inaudible.

Quality of suspension

McPherson suspension is resistant at least during the same period as engines and transmission. Both front and rear suspensions are made of very high quality materials, with improved disc brakes – braking occurs much faster.


Trunk volume is now 506 litres. With a full-size additional wheel, you can place here a lot of other things.


External visual effect is reinforced by the spaciousness of the interior. Seating is regulated by mechanical/electrical operation. The regulation of a wheel is carried out in different directions – the driver and the passengers will easily set up all the seats. In the area of the rear seats you will find a comfortable wide armrest with buttons for the climate control adjustment, audio system, as well as a cup holder. Also, the passengers can set the air conditioner to their preferences!

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