Ankara Styles For Mother And Daughter

Matching mother and daughter outfits are one of the best trends in Nigerian fashion, and mom and daughter Ankara styles are our favourite rendition of the trend. Check out some of the most beautiful mother and daughter Ankara styles and find your new fashion inspiration!

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1. Blue and orange Ankara

Often the latest Ankara styles for mother and daughter don’t match exactly: for example, here the baby Ankara dress has a pretty classic construction, while the mom’s gown is significantly improved by the eye-catching sleeve design and gorgeous jewelry.

2. Pink Ankara skirt

When you’re not in a mood for a full Ankara look, you can successfully rock matching African outfits for mother and daughter with a cute Ankara skirt paired with a plain white T-shirt. That way you can create even more baby girl Ankara styles.

3. Yellow and black Ankara

Our next mom and daughter matching outfits is an example of how the two looks can be from completely different styles and still work together perfectly. A black leather jacket and trendy sneakers instantly make Ankara styles for baby girl edgy!

4. Ankara with blue tulle

An easy way to make mother and daughter styles with Ankara even dreamier is to add some adorable tulle. A tulle sequence for the mother and a tulle skirt for the daughter are the recipe for cute mother daughter matching outfits.

5. Matching Ankara jackets

When you want to easily design Ankara children styles to match your own look, go for the cool Ankara jacket. It looks great thrown over all kinds of outfits, from dresses and skirts to an all-white shirts and jeans combination.

6. Ankara for nursing mothers

Luckily for any new mom, there are many latest Ankara styles for nursing mothers to choose from if you want to rock a matching look with your little one. The cape of the dress is the perfect solution for comfortably nursing wherever you are.

7. Purple Ankara jumpsuit

No matter how tiny your baby girl is, you can still wear some of the cutest mother and daughter African attire. The eye-catching colour combination of these two outfits, along with the retro feel of the mom’s jumpsuit, are what makes this look so great.

8. Blue polka dot Ankara

Polka dot is, perhaps, the best pattern for Ankara styles for mother and daughter: it’s pretty, glamorous, and looks equally good on kids and adults. We love everything about these two outfits, down to the matching yellow shoes.

9. Off-shoulder Ankara gowns

If you’re looking for the most casual version of Ankara styles for little girls and their moms, you should definitely go for a comfortable and fashionable loose off-shoulder gown. It’s the ideal garment for enjoying a day out in the city or even going to the beach!

10. Family Ankara Aso Ebi

If your family is going to a wedding or other important event, you can’t do without some Aso Ebi Ankara styles for young ladies. Here the mom is wearing a full Aso Ebi look, while the styling of girls is much more lightweight.

11. Fantasy Ankara dress

Many of the Ankara styles for children feature unusual fabrics, but nothing has impressed us as much as this fantasy mother and daughter style. Unicorn pattern, gold lace and bright pink tulle are the perfect outfit choice for a family photoshoot.

12. Black, red and white Ankara

It’s not uncommon for mothers to dress their daughters in slightly childish designs, but some moms prefer to teach their daughters elegance from a young age. A white, black and red combination couldn’t be a more elegant colour choice for a family outing!

13. Black lace + Ankara

As two of the favourite fabrics for Nigerian fashionistas, lace and Ankara were destined to meet in cute mother and daughter matching styles. The daughter’s dress features a satin fragment, which makes the look even more stylish.

14. Floral Ankara design

It’s not often that we see completely matching Ankara designs for mom and daughter, but these next outfits pleasantly surprised us: the mother and the daughter have every aspect of the outfit matching exactly, down to the hair and the sunglasses.

15. Matching Ankara jacket

Another popular version of matching mother and daughter Ankara styles is an Ankara jacket. It can be sleeveless or have long sleeves; you can pair it with any kinds of bottoms you like, and you can successfully rock it with your little one!

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