Bob Marley Hairstyle: Crochets, Twists & Braids You Have To Try!

Lots of people all over the world are still hugely inspired by Bob Marley. They copy Bob Marley hairstyle and overall image. Marley twist hair is known as dreads, and it’s still very popular.

Marley braids are quite common among African American women. Creating Bob Marley braids will take you about five to ten hours and the neat style will hold for about four weeks. It is suitable for any hair length since it only requires an inch of your hair.

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1. Best hair for Marley twists

If you are using hair extensions for Bob Marley twist hairstyles instead of your natural hair, use only the type labeled ‘Marley Hair‘ for Jamaican twist Marley hair crochet. If you want to try other types of synthetic hair extensions, consult a specialist in African hair braiding.

2. Bob Marley hair

A lot of hair-braiding salons offer Marley hair styles. Yet, if you are on a budget, you can create the style at home choosing from various sizes and lengths. This style is ultimately comfortable, versatile and safe for your hair. Wearing thick crochet braids twist or dreadlocks, you will look endlessly cool.

We’ve searched all around the web and found these fantastic Bob Marley braids pictures for your inspiration!

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  • Red Marley Hair Box Braids.

Have some more Marley hair crochet styles:

See how you can style Marley twists:

13 Ways To STYLE Marley/Havana TWISTS and BRAIDS | MissErinYvette

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3. Bob Marley style: how to style braids?

Marley big twist braids will transform the way you look drastically. Moreover, they are very easy to style in a variety of ways, either casual or official. They add certain elegance too. Check out these braid hairstyles and select the one suitable for you!

19 Ways to style your marley twist/locs/braids Part 1 🙂

The video was soooo long, I decided to divide it in two parts. This is part one. Hope you enjoy it. I was goofing too Had fun tho. Enjoy! mwah! xoxo Where to follow me: Instagram: SolangeNoelWorld Blog: Music Pandora: Tasha Cobbs Radio

4. Bob Marley short dreads

Wanna take a look at Bob Marley with short hair?

Now look at the short Bob Marley braids that many African girls wear these days:

Check out some more short Marley twists styles:

Quick & Easy Hairstyles | Short Marley Twists

Hey Pretties! I know it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything and I am soooo sorry (life has been happening like crazy)! But I wanted to take some time to FINALLY post this video. Here are some quick and super easy hairstyles for short marley twists.

5. DIY faux locs with Marley hair

DIY Faux Locs with Marley Hair

How to do Faux Locs! Here is our take on the fab Faux Locs style. We’ve opted for a shorter look than most of videos out there but its just as cool and easy to wear.

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