Cars With Low Fuel Consumption In Nigeria

When searching for a new car, we all look for different features. However, the one feature all drivers can agree upon is fuel efficiency. Given the current fuel prices and fuel scarcity, cars with low fuel consumption in Nigeria are getting more popular each day. Check out 7 most fuel efficient cars!

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1. Kia Optima

Kia is quickly becoming one of Nigeria’s favourite car brands, and it’s not surprising that the Kia Optima opens the list of most fuel efficient non hybrid cars. You should go for the Optima if you don’t want to sacrifice comfort, speed and space for low fuel expenses!

2. Volkswagen Polo

Besides being among the best fuel efficient cars, the Volkswagen Polo has the honour of being a top-selling model spanning over generations and decades. It doesn’t matter if you buy a 2018 or 20 year-old Polo – you’re still guaranteed to enjoy the famous fuel efficiency and finesse.

3. Ford Focus

As one of the best city cars of all time, the Ford Focus has a lot to offer to all kinds of buyers, including being among the most fuel efficient cars 2018 according to many ratings. The Focus will fit your lifestyle perfectly and won’t break your bank with fuel expenses!

4. Toyota RAV4

Experienced car owners living in Nigeria already know that nearly any Toyota model can be included on the list of fuel economy cars, but the Toyota RAV4 is also the most fuel efficient SUV available in Nigeria today. Despite its generous size and amazing performance, it offers competitive fuel efficiency.

5. Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata has been steadily gaining popularity for the past decade as the ultimate city comfort car. With beautiful styling, generous cabin space and respectable performance, the Sonata has everything it takes to become your new favourite – including, of course, its admirable fuel efficiency.

6. Toyota Corolla

Of course, we couldn’t finish our list of the best fuel economy cars without the most fuel efficient Toyota – Corolla. The Toyota Corolla wouldn’t have stayed the best selling vehicle in the world for decades if it wasn’t for its selection of practical features, complete with one of the best fuel economy stats in the industry.

7. Honda Civic

Another legendary vehicle on our rating of fuel efficient cars is the Honda Civic, a model that has been offering top-notch performance and outstanding fuel economy to buyers for decades. Today the Civic is as powerful and beautiful as ever, and you’ll never regret your choice if you go for it!

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