The Color Combinations Every Woman Must Try!

Color combinations are a key to the success of your look. So, if you are not an expert in this field, this post will be tremendously useful since it introduces the latest colour combination in fashion 2018 that will help you put different pieces together!

So here are 8 fantastic ideas that will boost and freshen up your style!

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1. Best color combinations in pictures

1.1. Colour combination with blue

If your favorite color is blue, try combining it with several different colors. Here are several common colors that go with blue that are trendy in this season:

  • Orange: try wearing navy blue pants with a burnt orange top – you will love the color combination!

  • Pink: pastel pink is an ideal colour combination with blue. Blue dress color combination with pink will definitely evoke the memory of soft-smelling spring flowers.

  • Red: opt for statement red accessories if you want the perfect color combination for royal blue dress. You can dress up you comfy jeans if you pair them with a tailored red jacket and elegant heels.

  • Turquoise: cobalt blue paired with turquoise is a vivid and powerful combination.

1.2. Сolors that go with orange

  • Black: wear your most sexy high-waisted flared pants and show off your abs wearing a black crop top – this is the must-have of the season.

  • Sand: this is a great basic color for almost any outfit.

  • Navy: underlines the brightness of the orange.

  • Army green: it wonderfully brings out the freshness of the color.

  • Purple: you will never go unnoticed wearing this bright combo—and don’t forget your sunglasses for an even cooler look!

1.3. Red colour combination

  • Mustard yellow: these are warm colors that look very edgy together.

  • Pink with red is a very girly and trendy dress color combination for female.

  • Silver: is good with all colors. It brings out the vibrancy of red.

  • Camel looks extremely chic and unexpected with red.

  • Blue: this combination is always trendy and fresh.

  • Army green color combination with red look incredibly crisp!

1.4. Colour combination with purple dress

  • White: white goes beautifully with purple.

  • Black: matches any color and makes you look slimmer at the same time.

  • Grey: the light grey is a really feminine combination with purple. It’s definitely the most elegant dress color combination for female.

  • Brown: is and edgy and brave combination with purple!

  • Blue: your favorite blue jeans or a blue jumper will match purple pieces very well!

1.5. Best color combination with grey

  • Dark green is a great combination with grey for a classy clean look.

  • Pink with grey looks romantic and feminine.

  • Black is a good match for virtually any color. Just don’t go for very dark shade of grey.

  • White: a really cool look would be grey pants or a skirt paired with a white top to accentuate your face.

  • Yellow: style grey skirt with a yellow tope, or simply throw a yellow scarf over a grey dress.

  • Purple: dark plum shades look fantastic with dark and light grey shades.

  • Pastels: opt for a pastel shirt or a tie to go with your grey suit.

1.6. Peach color combination clothes

  • White looks classy and cool with peach!

  • Grey with peach looks sophisticated and exquisite.

  • Black combines perfectly with this color making your look quite bold.

  • Blue and peach look very festive and bright on ladies.

1.7. Pink colour combination dresses

1.8. Green color combination dresses

2. Good 2 color combinations you should try!


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