How To Cut Off Shoulder Blouse And Gown (step-by-step instruction)

Off shoulder style of clothing has been steadily gaining popularity in Nigeria. An off shoulder blouse or gown is the perfect balance between elegant and flirty fashion. Find out how to cut Nigerian off shoulder blouse and create your own styles!

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1. How to cut off shoulder blouse

Once you know how to cut Ankara off shoulder blouse, you can experiment with shapes, fabrics, and styles of the blouse to get a garment that fits your taste perfectly. There are two basic ways when it comes to learning how to cut off shoulder sleeve:

  1. If you know how to cut a regular blouse, do it according to your measurements and then simply cut off the area around the neck and shoulders that you don’t need.
  2. If you don’t want to waste fabric, remove the neck and shoulder length from the blouse measurements.

We recommend going the second route if you want to know how to cut off shoulder sleeve like a pro. To do it, calculate the length of your desired blouse – for example, it’s 60 cm. On average, the neck and shoulder length is 20 cm. Deduct 20 cm from the 60 cm and you’ll get a 40 cm blouse!

This is what the front and back of the blouse should look like.

To calculate the width of the blouse, take your widest measurement. For example, if you want the blouse to hit you at the hips, measure your hips and add about 15 cm if you want the blouse sit loosely and comfortably.

Now let’s move on to the sleeves. Your sleeves should look like rectangles with one corner cut off for sewing to the front and the back of the blouse. This is what sleeves should look like:

And this is what the blouse should look like right before you’re ready to sew it:

2. How to sew the blouse

To sew the blouse, attach the sleeves to the body, sew the hem and the neckline of the blouse and the sleeves, and run an elastic band through the whole neckline so that the blouse has a perfect fit. This is what you should end up with when you finish sewing!

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3. How to cut off shoulder blouse with cape

An off shoulder blouse with a cape is a combination of two of the most popular trends in women’s fashion in Nigeria, so it was only a matter of time before a tutorial on sewing this piece would appear. Learn the art of sewing a caped off-shoulder blouse from this video!


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4. How to cut off shoulder Ankara gown

You’ve probably seen cute off the shoulder dresses on fellow Nigerian fashionistas, or maybe you even own a stylish off shoulder dress or two. However, you’ve probably always dreamed of an off shoulder gown from your favourite Ankara fabric.

Today your dream of a perfectly fitted off shoulder Ankara dress can come true, because with this tutorial you’ll cut your own gown in just 15 minutes! Learn how to cut off shoulder gown and create a beautiful dress that looks exactly like you’ve always wanted!


This video teaches on how to cut an off-shoulder dress in a very easy way. The same method can be applied to cut a maxi dress or an off-shoulder blouse.

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