Dayo Amusa Fashion Styles You Will Love

Dayo Amusa is an actress and singer that has millions of fans in Nigeria. Her admirers love her acting talent, her music accomplishments, and, of course, her inimitable style. Check out the Dayo Amusa fashion styles you’re guaranteed to love!

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1. Dayo Amusa Ankara and lace styles

Dayo Amusa is a lifelong fan of African prints and lace in her clothing. She nigerian english wears them both to special occasions and everyday outings. Here are the best looks!

Ankara works perfectly for everyday wear, which is once again proven by one of the latest Dayo Amusa Ankara styles, where the actress rocked a two-tone Ankara suit with a peplum.

Ankara print pairs greatly with all kinds of colours and patterns, but a solid white blouse is, perhaps, the best way to make the striking Ankara fabric of the trousers even more noticeable.

An all-white lace gown is an unexpected choice for a wedding guest, but that’s exactly what makes one of the newest Dayo Amusa lace styles so pretty and memorable!

It turns that Dayo Amusa is a true fashion pro when it comes to mixing and matching Ankara prints! For her recent photoshoot the actress chose a crop top with a high waisted skirt both made from pastel patterned Ankara, and the whole look is sheer perfection.

2. Dayo Amusa Aso Ebi styles

Like a devoted Nigerian fashionista, Dayo Amusa can’t go to an important event without flaunting a brand new and beautiful Aso Ebi style.

The first Aso Ebi look from Dayo is impressive for many reasons, but the most remarkable one to us is the amount of work that went into this dress, especially all the gorgeous embroidery.

Often Dayo Amusa goes for the regal style in her clothing: the sophisticated pattern and the elegant pairing of emerald green and black would be a great fit for the members of the royalty!

This bright yellow Aso Ebi surely cheered everyone up when Dayo walked into the venue! The actress made a smart choice of keeping the whole look monochrome except for the complementary teal accessories.

For her recent Aso Ebi look Dayo decided to rock one of the most popular colour combinations of the past few years – the turquoise and pink. Needless to say, the combination looks as stylish and breezy as possible!

3. Dayo Amusa casual styles

The beloved actress always takes fashion seriously, even when she’s simply going to a meeting or to a daytime event.

Given Dayo’s respect for authentic African fashion, it’s not at all surprising that she also adores boubou styles. We’re in love with the delicate pink colour scheme and the flattering construction of this gown!

Sequins are a girl’s best friend – that’s a fashion statement that has repeatedly been proven by Dayo Amusa. By pairing a gorgeous sequined top with a plain black pencil skirt the actress created an extremely fashionable look.

There is nothing more casual than a pair of blue jeans on a lazy day, but even in this case Dayo Amusa simply had to put her own twist on the look. Check out the beautiful rose print on the jeans and how well it pairs with the dusty rose satin blouse!

Less adventurous fashionistas could be slightly intimidated by the horizontal stripes, but not Dayo, who is never afraid of a fashion challenge. She carries this casual striped dress like a true fashion queen!

Black, sleek, sophisticated, and fitted to perfection – what’s not to love about this black dress flaunted by Dayo Amusa recently? This is a gown any red carpet event would be lucky to see!

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