Your Guide To Agbada Styles

Agbada styles are one of the most versatile clothing trends in men’s fashion of the last few decades. With a beautifully styled and intricately designed agbada outfit you can attend a wedding or other important social event, host a party, or simply go out in the city.

Like any sector in fashion, trendy agbada styles are always transforming, which is why it might be challenging to keep up with them. Luckily, our guide to different designs of agbada is here to help you.

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1. What is Agbada?

Although agbada clothes have been worn for a long time, today’s agbada fashion is not the same as it used to be even 20 years ago.

Part of the agbada costume, the dashiki or danshiki, as it’s also referred to, has achieved popularity around the world. However, the full agbada outfit is far more complex.

agbada styles

No matter how different designs of agbada may look, they all have the same basic features. An agbada outfit is a three-piece suit consisting of trousers (sokoto), an underwear shirt, or kaftan, and the large outer robe, the agbada itself. The kaftan can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. Short agbada for men is a more casual choice, while longer versions are best reserved for special occasions.

Short agbada for men

2. Latest agbada designs

As the men’s fashion moves forward, the newest agbada styles for men are getting more and more sophisticated. Today you can see all kinds of men, from celebrities to senators and from sportsmen to businessmen rocking an agbada suit, which can be both store-bought or custom-made. Here are the most popular trends in agbada wear.

  • Embroidery, which is one of the key elements of an agbada look. Embroidery should be very detailed and neatly made. The color of the embroidery can either match the color of the shirt or stand out – both varieties are acceptable.

agbada styles for men

  • Beading – another popular decoration for an agbada outfit. Most men go for beading decoration that matches the main colors of the look, but you can go one step further and choose a contrasting beading work.

agbada outfit

  • Matching outfits: if you’re attending an important event together with your friends or family members, a great idea is for everyone to wear matching versions of the latest agbada style. Your outfits can be a complete match, or you can choose matching elements like hats.

latest agbada style

3. Family look

As well as with many traditional Nigerian styles, wearing a matching agbada look with your children is the best way to build a family bond and make an impression on anyone you meet.

Agbada family looks are one of the most popular clothing trends of the last few years, and if you have an event to attend with your family, there is nothing better than dressing in agbada clothes together.

Agbada family style

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