Are You A Hopeless Romantic Or Romantically Hopeless? Find Out Now!

As the world is getting ready to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, you’re probably doing some last minute preparations for the special night. But are you truly romantic or not that keen on romance at all? Find out with our love quiz!

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1. 7 signs you’re a romantic person

Before you move on to our romantic quiz, you can do a quick check to see how many of these romantic qualities you possess:

  1. You love grand gestures and and spare no expense on surprising your loved one with fantastic presents and unforgettable experiences even without any occasion.
  2. Your favourite genre of films are romantic comedies – you’ve seen some of them dozens of times, have your beloved characters and couples, and quote the films anytime you can.
  3. You easily get attached, and not just to humans – you likely have a favourite blanket or other household object and are truly fond of pets.
  4. Ever since your childhood, you always build imaginary couples in your mind – whether it’s between two cartoon characters or someone you know in real life.
  5. You’ve planned your wedding to the smallest detail, complete with the flavour of the cake and the colour theme of the night, even if you don’t have that special other right now.
  6. You know that small gestures can be as effective as grand ones: a cup of coffee and a toast brought to bed by your partner can easily make your whole day.
  7. You believe that there is someone in the world who is the one for you, and even if you’re single at the moment, you’ll never give up on looking for that special person.

2. 7 signs you’re not a romantic person

Every year before February 14th you can’t help but wonder what all the fuss is all about? There are ways to tell if you’re not a romantic person at heart even without love quiz questions games!

  1. Romance brings you anxiety – you would gladly have a partner for the rest of your life if it didn’t involve all kinds of romantic stuff.
  2. You’ve never been interested in romance even as a child: for example, you were never invested in a relationship between Barbie and Ken and would rather play something else.
  3. You’re not really good at giving gifts to your special other – you may even be guilty of giving your partner a household appliance or other practical item for their birthday or Valentine’s.
  4. Weddings scare you, especially if you’re the one planning to get married. You’d much rather elope and skip all the ceremonies, guests, romance, and expenses.
  5. You’re completely incapable of knowing when someone is flirting with you. You may have misunderstood when someone asked you out on a date and invited your friends with you.
  6. You may be fine with making a romantic effort once in a while on a holiday like Valentine’s Day, but the idea of adding romance to the daily life with your partner doesn’t thrill you.
  7. You never give pet names to your loved one, preferring to call them by their actual name. Plus, you hate being referred to by a pet name – your given name sounds much better to you.

3. The ultimate love test

Have you read every sign of a romantic and non-romantic person and still don’t know which ones apply to you? Take this romantic test to know for sure whether you have what it takes to be called a hopeless romantic or if you’re truly romantically hopeless!

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