Hybrid Cars Pros And Cons: How To Make A Choice

Only a decade ago hybrid cars were a novelty, but now you can find hybrids in every class of vehicles, and even a hybrid SUV is no longer surprising to see. Find out how are hybrid cars different from other cars and learn every advantage and disadvantage of hybrid car!

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1. What is a hybrid car?

Before we move on to pros and cons of hybrid vehicles, let’s settle one question: what does it mean when a car is a hybrid? We’ve heard a lot about why hybrid cars may be better or worse than regular vehicles, but what makes a hybrid car different from a regular car?

A vehicle can be called a hybrid when it utilizes more than one form of energy to achieve movement. In most cases, the hybrid cars meaning is that a car has a regular internal-combustion engine paired with a fuel tank and an electric motor paired with a battery pack.

One of the benefits of hybrid cars is the ability of the electric motor to utilize the power released by the regular engine, which normally goes to waste. This is what makes hybrid cars not only better for your budget, but also more environmentally friendly.

2. The advantages of hybrid cars

Now that you know the answer to the question “how do hybrid cars work?“, here are 5 reasons why a hybrid car is better:

  1. Less carbon emissions due to the limited use of the gasoline engine mean less negative impact on the environment.
  2. Hybrid cars consume considerably less gasoline, which is excellent given today’s fuel scarcity and outrageous prices.
  3. Normally hybrid cars require less maintenance and fewer oil replacements of the gasoline engine thanks to not being used as much as in a regular car.
  4. Hybrid car manufacturers try to implement as many latest technologies into hybrid vehicles as possibles, which means you can be the first one to try some new invention.
  5. Hybrid cars have better resale value than regular cars since the interest in hybrid technology only continues to grow.

3. The disadvantages of hybrid cars

While it seems like there are absolutely no reasons not to buy a hybrid, the truth is that these cars also have their share of disadvantages:

  1. While a hybrid vehicle will save you money in the long run with lower fuel costs, the initial price of a hybrid is noticeably higher than the price of a gasoline car.
  2. If you prefer to drive on high speed through highways, you may find that a hybrid car is lacking the performance you expect.
  3. Hybrid cars are easier to regularly maintain, but in case of an accident you may find that the cost of repair and spare parts is unexpectedly high.
  4. Accidents happening to hybrid cars are dangerous for one more reason: due to the presence of an electric motor there is a high risk of electrocution.

4. List of hybrid cars

You’ve just learned what is a hybrid, seen hybrid cars pros and cons, and are probably ready to make a choice in favour of a hybrid. Despite occasional problems with hybrid cars, they are the future. But what are the best hybrid cars to buy right now?

  • Toyota Prius – the Toyota hybrid that started the hybrid craze.
  • Honda Civic Hybrid – a Honda hybrid version of one of the most popular city cars in history.
  • Ford Fusion – a practical and beautifully designed hybrid.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE500 – one of the top Mercedes hybrid cars and best luxury hybrid cars right now.
  • Toyota Camry – another bestseller among Toyota hybrid cars.
  • Honda CR-V – all the glory and power of the Honda hybrid SUV with amazing fuel economy.
  • Kia Optima – a rightful competitor to the popular Honda hybrid cars.

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