OLX Shuts Down Its Nigerian Office

Naspers, the major multinational investor and media group behind the online marketplace OLX, has unexpectedly shut down offices in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, leaving the only functioning African office in South Africa. Find out more about how it will affect customers!

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1. What happened?

This week, after weeks of speculation, OLX has officially announced its decision to close the office in Nigeria at last. Employees were notified last week and the office is expected to seize operation and move out of the premises by March 2018.

Naspers and OLX are claiming that even though they won’t be physically present in Nigeria anymore, the website is expected to run as usual and stay open to Nigerian users. While technically it’s still possible to buy and sell on OLX, users will soon face a big problem: lack of support.

Without a physical office in Nigeria and Nigerian staff OLX is likely to have trouble providing its users with adequate support. Not only will the support often be delayed, but without the knowledge of the local market, the support provided by the staff overseas will likely be lacking in quality.

2. What’s next?

Luckily for every Nigerian user, Jiji is still here for you! As the fastest growing and largest online marketplace in the country, Jiji is not going anywhere.Here at Jiji it’s business as usual: no unexpected shutdowns, no delays, and only the highest level of service for our users.

We are going to continue providing Nigerian buyers and sellers with the most comfortable and secure platform for online shopping. Our real-time support will be as fast and helpful as it’s always been, which means you can continue safely using Jiji for all of your shopping-related needs!

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