How To Prepare For Lagos Marathon 2018!

This Saturday thousands of Nigerian amateur athletes will gather in Lagos to compete in the 2018 Lagos Marathon. If you want to join this year’s participants and run for a chance to win a prize or simply share a memorable day with fellow runners, here is everything you need to know!

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1. Who can compete?

The great thing about the Lagos Marathon 2018 is that it’s open absolutely to anybody! Depending on your physical condition, experience with running, and age, you can choose from two races – a 10 kilometre run for beginners and a full 42 kilometre run for advanced athletes.

In order to participate in the marathon, you will need to register online by filling out a short form. You will be issued a unique number that you’ll need to collect prior to the marathon. If you have a medical condition putting you at risk for running the marathon, you are still welcome to participate as long as your general practitioner confirms you can run safely.

2. 2018 Lagos Marathon details

The marathon will start at the Western Avenue between the National Stadium Surulere and the Teslim Balogun Stadium. The finish will be at the Eko Atlantic City, Victoria Island. The run is scheduled to start at 7.30am, and runners are encouraged to arrive early to park their vehicles and prepare for the run.

The Lagos City Marathon 2018 is sponsored by a major bank, which is why winners in each category will receive monetary prizes: for example, there is a $50,000 prize for the 1st place among international runners and a ₦3,000,000 prize for the Nigerian winner of the 1st spot.

Here is a map that will help you understand the route of the marathon and prepare for the Saturday run!

3. How to train for the marathon

Of course, if you have absolutely no experience in running, training for a marathon in just two days can’t be possibly done – many runners start training 20+ weeks prior to the event. However, with a minimal running experience and these tips you can still make it!

  1. Don’t exhaust yourself. It’s best to increase your pace and amount of training gradually rather than start training for hours without any prior experience – your body may simply shut down and you won’t be able to compete at all.
  2. Practice long runs. When training for a marathon, whether you’re going for the 10km or 42km run, it’s best to make your trainings long and meaningful. That way you’ll get a better idea about what to expect from the main run.
  3. Fuel your body correctly. During the training or the marathon itself your body is going through immense pressure and you need to fuel it properly. Eat plenty of carbohydrates to replenish your energy and add healthy servings of protein to rebuild the muscle.
  4. Use modern technology. Even if you don’t have fancy wearable tech, you can still track your running using popular apps like Strava and Endomondo. See the entire length of your run, average and maximum speed, check the map of your route and even more!
  5. Find company. Runners are guaranteed to deliver better results, whether during training or during the marathon itself, if they don’t train alone. Having company while training allows you to get support and advice at any stage.

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