Review of the most popular Samsung Phones

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review 

Samsung was the first company that dared to suggest that smartphones with large displays have a great future. At the time of the release of the Galaxy Note, it seemed just huge, but it was 100% hit, the model of this smartphone became very popular. Later the company almost had no rivals in the niche of large smartphones. During the whopping three years of its existence, the Galaxy Note competitors failed to compete with it. But today Samsung faces another challenge.

Nowadays all smartphones are huge, and you won`t surprise no one with the models with 5.5 inches and 6-inch displays. And here the question arises: can Samsung withstand such market transformation? The Galaxy Note 4 is the answer to that. If you are going to buy this smartphone and want to find the best price, check out the prices on Jiji`s website! Here you will definitely find the perfect option!

1.1. Design

Despite the new design trends in Samsung company that appeared in the Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 still retained the features of last year’s model, as well as the back cover with coating under the skin. But if we look closely at the Note 4, you will find much more changes than it may seem at first glance. The first thing that immediately draws your attention is a metal frame casing. Samsung decided to use a material that is most similar to magnesium alloy instead of aluminium.

1.2. Usability

  • The diagonal screen of the Galaxy Note 4 remained unchanged – 5.7 inches, but the housing has become slightly larger and heavier. Compared to the Note 3, its height has grown to 153.5 mm, its thickness – to 8.5 mm, and its weight – to 176 grams. The only thing that has been reduced is the width – 78.6 mm. Despite all this, the ergonomic qualities of the smartphone haven’t changed. The increase in the body height and decrease of thickness didn`t worsen the usability.

1.3. Display

With the release of the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has moved away from the practice

  • to increase display size with each new version of the flagship.
  • the smartphone still has a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, but now its resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels that form 515 pixel density per inch.

1.4. Performance

The Galaxy Note 4has Exynos Octa 5433 processor that is working on the bigLITTLE scheme with 4 cores Cortex-A53 (1.3 GHz) and 4 cores Cortex-A57 (1.9 GHz). The chip itself is built using 20 nm of technological process that has allowed to increase its performance, compared with Octa 5420 in the Note 3, as well as reduce the heat dissipation.

2. Samsung Galaxy J5 review 

The Samsung company decided to upgrade the smartphones of J-series. These series include the company’s inexpensive smartphones and it is very successful. Today, we will take a look at the Galaxy J5 2017 model.

2.1. Design

The design is executed in line with new trends in the design of the Samsung phones – it took the best of the top of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy A series.

  • There are stylized plastic inserts for wireless connection. Fingerprints on the panel almost do not remain. All-metal chassis is closed with the glass at the front. Plastic inserts can be found only at the back of the body at the top and bottom. It is necessary for wireless connection because metal dampens it. The material is pleasant to the touch, but you should use it cautiously because the smartphone slips in hands.
  • On the left edge of the phone you will find volume buttons and two trays for SIM cards and memory cards, and on the right edge – lock button and speaker.

  • Location of dynamic is unusual, the sound will overlap only in the games.
  • At the bottom, you will find the connectors for charging and headset and a microphone.
  • At the front of the screen, you will find “Home” button and two touch buttons “Recent” and “Back”. Above the screen, you will find front camera and sensors.
  • At the back panel, you will find the only main camera with flash. In the box, in addition to the cable with a charger, you can find the headphones and the “clip” to open the SIM card tray.

2.2. Display

The J5 2017 screen has 5.2 inches, Super AMOLED and has a resolution of 720p or HD. Matrix has the excellent colour rendering and large viewing angles. The display is protected with 2,5D oleophobic glass. Brightness is comfortable for using the phone on the street. The phone has multi-touch on 5 taps.

2.3. Software

The smartphone J5 2017 runs on the Android 7.0 operating system with Samsung Experience 8.1. the interface looks much better than in previous versions – stylized simplified icons look quite appealing.

In addition to the appearance of icons and effects, the shell does not differ from the standard Android 5, 6 and 7 – the same blind top with fast settings, the same desktops. In general, the interface of the J5 2017 hardly differs from other Samsung smartphones interface. Also, the phone has the multitasking feature, it can display two applications at the same time.

3. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge review

This smartphone has quickly become very popular thanks to its fantastic design and improved features.

3.1. Design

Elegant and innovative design

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has an elegant design thanks to the harmonious combination of glass and metal. This is the world’s first smartphone with a curved screen on both sides. Elegant contours and radiating light glass surface reflect all the richness of the colour palette.

3.2. Customization of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Customize your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Move to the coloured tabs on the main screen five most frequently used contacts. Simply tap on a certain colour on a curved screen to make a call, send SMS or email message. Now you can easily see who is calling to you, even if the smartphone is turned upside down.

3.3. Camera

Improved camera – more colourful pictures

The front and main cameras of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge have high resolution and F 1.9 lens, allowing you to get brighter and clearer pictures. Double-click on the centre button of the smartphone to activate a photography mode. You will never miss a good frame!

3.4. Fast charging mode

Now you can easily forget about the problem of low charge battery. Smartphone has the fast charging mode. The device is charging at 1.5 times faster compared to its predecessors. Built-in support for wireless charging lets you charge your smartphone simply by placing it on a compatible wireless charger.

Supreme performance

The world’s first 64-bit 8-core mobile processor, based on 14nm technology, provides a high level of productivity and efficiency, quick work of the smartphone and download of applications.

3.5. Security 

High degree of security

Evaluate the reliability of the data in the Samsung Galaxy S6 through three security solutions: KNOX, fingerprint sensor, as well as support for a virtual credit card.

Share your content with a single click

You need just one touch to connect your smartphone to Samsung Smart TV via the BLE. Using “Mirror” and “Reverse mirror” feature you can easily display pictures and video clips from your smartphone on the TV screen and vice versa.

4. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime features

You will certainly agree that pictures made with a smartphone do not always meet our expectations. Sometimes the light is not good enough so they can come out blurry, or the colors are distorted.

Today we will tell you about several secrets that will allow you to photograph beautifully with your smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, the model with a good camera.

  • Check the lens of the smartphone – it requires intensive care.
  • Wipe it regularly with microfiber fabric. If you need to remove sand from the camera, blow it off instead of wiping it.
  • Examine camera settings since auto-mode is not always suitable for a particular moment. Try changing the white balance, exposure and adjust the camera to certain conditions.
  • Digital zoom will only spoil your photos – it’s better to move closer to the object. If you cannot do it, take a picture at the maximum resolution, and then cut the picture in a special program. This way the quality will be better than with the zoom.

If you want to take high-quality pictures with the help of your device, then you should choose a device paying particular attention to its camera. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is a great option for this purpose!