Top 10 Best-Selling Cars In Nigeria You Should Check Out

Cars as a mean of transportation, and not as some luxurious item, are becoming more and more popular in Nigeria. You can’t deny that they are really helpful tools, both in modern busy cities, like Lagos, and in less advanced villages.

There are a lot of different car brands and car models, available for purchase in Nigeria. If you considering buying a vehicle, but you don’t know, which one to choose, here is a list of the most popular car brands and models in the country.

Best-Selling Cars in Nigeria

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1. Toyota Camry

Toyota is a huge Japanese car manufacturer that makes reliable and efficient cars that are popular all over the world. Camry is one of such cars, and it is the best-selling car in Nigeria.

And it really is no wonder, as this sedan has been the most elegant, yet trustworthy and relatively cheap choice on the market since 1982.

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2. Toyota Corolla

This car model from the same Japanese brand is not only one of the most popular vehicles in Nigeria, but also the most popular Toyota model overall.

In 1997, it even was the most sold car in the world! Although it has evolved throughout the year, its main qualities remained the same – availability and reliability.

3. Honda Accord

Another Japanese sedan, Honda Accord has always been one of the biggest competitors to the previously mentioned Toyota models.

Its unique style and awesome filling have made it a formidable opponent, and it is often thought about as a semi-sportscar.

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4. Toyota Sienna

This minivan from Toyota is the best choice of car for a big family. It’s all-wheel drive and the relatively powerful engine makes this car not only comfortable but also will allow you to use it as a cross-country vehicle.

It is also often referred as one of the safest cars of this type, which is definitely a huge plus.

5. Toyota Highlander

This second-best Toyota SUV is the best choice for all types of Nigerian roads. It will definitely impress you both in the city and in the countryside.

It is a great car for both family trips and business meetings, as it is both big and roomy and great-looking.

6. Toyota RAV4

RAV4 is the most popular and arguably the best Toyota SUV. RAV stands for “Recreational Activity Vehicle”, and 4 points at the 4-wheel drive.

As a Highlander, it’s great for any type of the road, yet it is fairly economical and you won’t need to spend lots of money on gas and car maintenance.

7. Range Rover

This Land Rover SUV is one of the most popular autos from this class all over the world. And it is no wonder because it is really that good. It also is used by show-offs as a sign of class and money, but if you can buy it – you definitely should.

8. Acura MDX

Acura MDX is yet another Japanese SUV, but it is definitely more luxurious. Moreover, it is a best-selling luxury SUV all over the world, it is really powerful and really comfortable. You should definitely buy at least a used car of this model – you won’t regret it.

9. Toyota Venza

This Toyota SUV is one of the latest models, presented by the company. It is different from most of the other SUVs the company makes. It has a bit slicker design, more suitable for women drivers, but it is as powerful and trustworthy as all the other company’s car models.

10. Toyota Avalon

Avalon is Toyota’s flagship sedan that is also relatively new, but which has already survived a couple of drastic changes. It is not too luxury and elitist, yet it has lots of great qualities to it. It looks really great and you can drive it for ages with proper care and maintenance.

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