Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under ₦50,000

There’s a little more than a week left until the most romantic day of the year, Valentines Day, and you know what that means – if you haven’t bought Valentine’s Day gifts yet, now may be your last chance! Check out Valentines present ideas under ₦50,000!

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1. Tablet

A tablet may not be the most romantic one out of Valentines Day ideas, but it’s certainly the most useful one. What exactly makes a tablet the best gift to give on Valentine day, whether it’s for her or for him?

Well, there is nothing you can’t do with a tablet if you’re a modern internet user. Watch videos, play games, listen to music, take photos, browse the web, and, most importantly, chat with your special other. No wonder so many of this year’s trendiest Valentines presents are tablets!

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2. Sunglasses

Looking for fashionable and cute ideas for Valentines Day for him or her? Consider a pair of sunglasses, which are always a welcome gift! Not only do sunglasses make the best Valentine gift for a fashion addict, but they are essential for protecting the eyesight.

When it comes to sunglasses to give for Valentine’s this year, you can find everything from cheap Valentine gifts that are still cute to luxury brands of sunglasses, including the latest models from Gucci, Fendi, Prada, and other iconic brands.

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3. Wine

A surefire way to wow the recipient of your Valentine gift items is to present them with a bottle of wine! Of course, it can’t be ordinary low-priced wine you can drink every day with dinner – no, Valentine’s wine surely needs to be special.

An even better idea of Valentines Day ideas for her that you can easily execute under a ₦50,000 budget is a whole dinner you cook just for her, complete with a bottle of amazing wine from abroad. A present like this is the one she’ll never forget!

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4. Perfume

Most of us are used to thinking that perfume makes a great gift only for a lady, while men expect other gifts; but the truth is that it can be the best Valentines gift for her AND him as long as you choose right!

If you’re worried about making the perfect choice when shopping for fragrances as Valentine gifts for him or her, it’s best to stick with the classics. An iconic perfume in an instantly recognizable bottle as a Valentine’s present can make everyone happy!

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5. Art

In case you’re looking for the best Valentines ideas that are truly special, present your loved one with some art – for example, a painting. It’s a present that effortlessly expresses your appreciation for the person and their exquisite taste!

An even better thing to give to your special other for Valentine’s Day this year is a painting of your couple. Contact an artist, supply them with a photo of the two of you that you want to commemorate, and wait for your loved one’s excited reaction to the gift!

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