Ankara Patchwork Styles: 20 Inspiring Looks

Ankara patchwork styles are hardly the newest Nigerian fashion trend, but lately they’ve been making a comeback. Ankara patches are a style that takes some hard work to create, but the result is more than worth it. Check out 20 of the best Ankara patches styles!

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1. Patchwork flared skirt

If you’re searching for the first Ankara patch work addition to your wardrobe, consider a garment that will seamlessly fit in with the rest of your clothes – for example, a universally flattering flared skirt.

2. Ankara patchwork poncho

In case you already own a couple of conventional items with Ankara patches design and are searching for something more special, a beautiful Ankara patchwork poncho may be the thing you’ve dreamed of!

3. Ankara jersey top

Looking for a more casual version of Ankara patchwork designs? Consider a jersey top that you can easily pair with jeans, shorts, and even casual skirts.

4. Patchwork maxi skirt

An Ankara patchwork maxi skirt is a multifunctional garment: it can be worn to all kinds of occasions, and when paired with a black tank top, it can create a perfect daytime look.

5. Ankara flared dress

Ankara patchwork dresses can be successfully turned into office wardrobe, as long as you keep the shoes sensible and accessorize your look with a neutral belt.

6. Ankara patchwork family look

An Ankara patches gown is a popular choice for mother and daughter family looks: the design of the dresses and the cute Ankara patches perfectly suit both the mom and the daughter!

7. White dress with Ankara patchwork

Placing Ankara patchwork against white background not only helps make the white dress more eye-catching, but also turns the Ankara fragment into the key part of the look.

8. Ankara patchwork bodycon dress

If you prefer tight-fitting dresses that highlight your curves, you can easily use the new Ankara patchwork technique in your favourite design of the dress.

9. Multi-purpose patchwork gown

With a simple tying of the bodice this Ankara patchwork gown turns into a trendy colour-block dress – change your look any time you want!

10. Ankara patchwork peplum top

Add some flare to your casual jeans and trousers by pairing them with a beautiful Ankara patchwork top with a peplum that no one will be able to miss!

11. Ankara patchwork midi skirt

Combine your love for the two most popular fabrics in Nigerian fashion, Ankara and lace, in one breathtaking outfit that will make you feel totally unique.

12. Black dress with Ankara patchwork

A little black dress is one of the staples in women’s style, but you can significantly upgrade yours with the help of Ankara patchwork flared sleeves and neckline.

13. Ankara mini dress

Ankara patchwork designs look equally great in maxi and mini skirts and dresses, and this cute little Ankara patchwork dress is the best proof!

14. Ankara patchwork sundress

For a hot summer day when you don’t want to wear something more demanding, consider a lightweight Ankara patchwork sundress that may be the cutest new addition to your wardrobe.

15. Ankara patchwork dress with cold shoulder

Take advantage of two biggest fashion trends of 2018, Ankara patchwork and shoulder cutouts, with this stylish and flattering casual dress.

16. Black dress with Ankara patchwork

Another variation of the popular Ankara patchwork on black fabric trend is this black dress. With the right shoes and accessories you can rock this dress anywhere you want!

17. Floral patchwork dress

One of the most unusual designs in our collection of Ankara patchwork looks is this floral dress. It’s so elegant that it can be a great choice for a corporate look, but you can also wear it anywhere you like, including a wedding.

18. Maxi Ankara patchwork gown

While some maxi dresses look like they’d be a good outfit for a trip to the beach or a walk in the street, other maxi gowns are much more sophisticated, like this Ankara patchwork dress with wide straps.

19. Patchwork jumpsuit with cape sleeves

Perhaps, the most high-fashion look you’ll see today is this Ankara patchwork jumpsuit with cape sleeves. Everything about this outfit is sheer perfection and it would fit flawlessly on any runway.

20. One-shoulder Ankara patchwork dress

This maxi dress with one-shoulder design and Ankara patchwork is a perfect outfit for a wedding guest or birthday party host, but it will also look great on a date!

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