How To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent In Nigeria

The real estate business in Nigeria is blooming right now – more and more Nigerians prefer to buy, sell, lease and rent real estate through a third party. Are you dreaming of a real estate agent career? Find out how to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria right now!

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1. Get training

The first step in learning how to be a real estate agent in Nigeria is actually getting the knowledge and skills needed for the job. Many large and respected property companies in Lagos and other cities have training programs for new agents that you can enrol in.

Getting training from a real estate agency has one major benefit over independent courses: there is a good chance that the company will make job offers to top students, so make sure to work hard, do your best, and show them you’re the best candidate!

2. Start networking

A big advantage of any real estate agent is their connections in the industry. Wondering how to start a real estate business? First establish strong connections with other property agents, appraisers, lawyers, renovators, and anyone who can help you succeed in your career.

3. Use technology

In this day and age forgetting to use technology for the advancement of your career is not a smart move. With the help of the internet and digital tools you can vastly expand your business and reach out to thousands of new customers.

When using the internet to promote your services, you can start by posting ads on websites like Jiji, but you don’t need to stop there. Go on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, pay for targeted ads on Google, and soon you’ll notice a positive trend in your career.

4. Be trustworthy

Reliability is one of the key qualities of a successful owner of a real estate business in Nigeria. Real estate has always depended on word-of-mouth marketing: if a customer is happy with your services, he will bring several more customers to you in the future.

How to be trustworthy as a property agent? It’s actually quite simple: you need to put the interests of the customer first. You can make dozens of deals a day, but you only get one chance at establishing a trust-filled relationship with each particular customer.

5. Be professional

You’re probably wondering: how to become an estate agent that gets a lot of business in this competitive time? The secret of succeeding here is to be as professional at your job as you can be. Start by getting business cards with your name, credentials, and website/telephone/email.

There are other things that influence your professional image of a real estate agent: dress appropriately, in a suit or smart dress, even if you spend a lot of time walking customers to the locations. If you’re working independently, an office is also crucial for making the right impression.

6. Continue learning

Even if you think you already know everything about real estate, there are still plenty of things to learn. For example, you should master the knowledge of your area and its infrastructure. Following new trends in the industry will also give you a big advantage over your competitors.

7. Make it official

If you’re working independently instead of joining an existing company, you’ll need to legitimize your business. First you need to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission to be able to run a business, and then you can join the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria to become even more connected to the industry.

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