Best Washing Machine Brand In Nigeria & Most Desirable Models

Any woman can imagine her comfortable household without a quality washing machine. If you want to purchase a washing machine online, this post is for you! We are going to consider different models so you could choose the one to suit your own needs!

No more endless washing machine reviews since everything you need to know in order to choose the best washing machine brand in Nigeria is here!

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1. Scanfrost washing machines

Wanna try a Scanfrost washing machine? Opt for one of the best models:

  • Scanfrost SFWMTTC (12kg) – N50,000 – N55,000;
  • Scanfrost SFW7001 (8kg) – N91,000 – N96,000;
  • Scanfrost Aligator SFAW1600 (16kg) – N150,000 – N155,000.

2. Haier Thermocool washing machine assortment 

Selecting the best washing machine in Nigeria, check out the products of this brand and pay attention to these models:

  • Haier Thermocool TLW3.5 (1.5kg): Thermocool washing machine prices range from N14,000 to N20,000;
  • Haier Thermocool TLW06 (6kg) – N23,000 – N28,000;
  • Haier Thermocool HW60-1279 (8kg) – N68,000 – N73,000.

3. LG washing machine choice

The quality and innovative properties of this virtually the best washing machine brand do not require any proof. Pay attention to these models:

  • LG 610 (4.5kg) – N35,000 – N40,000;
  • LG FL WM12B8QDP2 (7kg) – N84,000 – N89,000;
  • N150,000.

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4. Samsung washing machine in Nigeria

Samsung is one of the best proven brands of household appliances. Choose among these two best models:

  • Samsung WT90H (9kg) – N50,000 – N55,000;
  • Samsung TL WA90G9(7kg) – N55,000 – N60,000.

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5. Qasa washing machine review

According to the real customers’ reviews the best brand’s model is New Generation Qlink 7.2 KG double tubs washing machine at the price of N41,400 – N52,890.

Main characteristics:

  • The volume of laundry per one cycle: 4.2 kg;
  • Spinning Capacity: 3 kg;
  • Weight: 25 kg;
  • Durable Plastic Case;
  • 3D Jet Pulsator;
  • Detachable Lint Filter.

6. Indesit washing machine

The Indesit EWD 81482 is a quiet, affordable machine with a sensor load adjustment. It offers a lot of energy-saving modes and fits 8 kg of laundry!

How much is a washing machine from Indesit? It currently costs N108,347.

7. Hotpoint washing machines

The Hotpoint RSG964J is a decent medium-priced machine of A+++ category and a great variety of programs. It’s extremely energy efficient when used for larger loads. Its price is about N253,148.

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