How To Boost Immune System: 9 Natural Solutions

A strong immune system is the number one way to protect your health from dozens of diseases, especially different kinds of cold. But how to improve your immune system quickly and safely? Check out 9 natural ways to boost immune system!

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1. Good fats

If you’re trying to keep fit, your first instinct may be to completely cut fats from your meals. However, good fats not only help you reach your goal weight, but also make your immune system stronger! Go for vegetable unsaturated fats and avoid large quantities of animal fats and fats that have been hydrogenated.

2. Garlic

Garlic is not only a delicious addition to thousands of savoury dishes, but also one of the most powerful immune boosting foods. Thanks to the high content of sulfur-containing allicin, garlic makes your immune system noticeably stronger. Plus, garlic is indispensable for treating infections and high blood pressure.

3. Ginger

If you want to know not only how to boost immune system quickly, but also hot to quickly get rid of flu symptoms, add plenty of ginger to your diet! Ginger has famously powerful anti-inflammatory qualities, which not only instantly bust annoying cold symptoms, but also make your body’s immune response stronger.

4. Fish

Fish has numerous health benefits thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids, and eating fish several times a week may be the answer to the question: “how to boost your immune system?” Fish like mackerel, sardines, and herring, are not only affordable and tasty, but also famously rich in fatty acids, which have a proven positive effect on the immune system.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is much more than a delicious spice that adds a unique flavour and bright yellow colour to your foods; it’s also a famous immune-boosting food product. The compound that gives turmeric its signature colour is called curcumin, and it’s famed for its anti-inflammatory and immune system improving properties.

6. Papaya

There are many fruits that boost immune system, mainly thanks to the high content of vitamin C, which is essential for boosting your immune system, but few fruits are more effective than papaya. A single papaya can give you over 200 percent of a recommended daily dosage of vitamin C, more than many citrus fruits and vitamin-rich vegetables.

7. Yoghurt

Numerous studies have shown that foods that are rich in probiotics are very effective at both preventing and treating various diseases. You can get a daily dose of probiotics from medicine, but a much more natural and powerful way to do it is to include at least one serving of yogurt containing live cultures into your diet.

8. Green tea

How to boost immune system while also getting closer to your dream body? The secret is green tea! Not only does it help to shed excess weight, but it’s also incredibly rich in EGCG, an extremely powerful antioxidant. Enjoy green tea daily and make a real difference in the way your body fights diseases!

9. Sleep/activity balance

To keep your immune system ready for anything, make sure to get plenty of activity on a daily basis – it can be exercise, dancing, or even walking to work and back. Getting enough sleep is equally important, especially on the days when you’ve done more exercise than usual!

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