This Is How To Dress Business Casual!

The rule of business casual still stands, and even if your workplace is quite relaxed, you still can rock those cute office outfits.

If you don’t know how to dress casual correctly, we are here to help you out! Simply check out these business casual outfit ideas so you could look your best every day!!

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1. What is business casual?

Business casual style is not as formal as traditional business attire but it should still be suitable for office wear.

For ladies, this will involve wearing a skirt with a blouse or pants with a buttoned down shirt and closed-toe footwear. A man should wear a shirt, pants, and a dressier shoe.

2. Business casual men basics

2.1. A fitted jacket

Casual dress for men always includes a jacket. A smart fresh blazer can even be worn wear with a v-neck sweater.

2.2. Button-down shirt

Take you time to choose a shirt that fits you perfectly. Opt for solid colors, such as white, pale blue, and light pink since they can be matched to pretty much anything.

2.3. Pants

There’s a great variety to choose from: chinos, suit pants and jeans. Avoid skinny styles for office wear.

2.4. Footwear

Stay away from timberlands, open-toe sandals and uggs. Instead, opt for loafers, brogues, and oxfords.

2.5. Accessorize correctly

Satchel bags and briefcases will make you look more refined. And do not forget about a genuine leather belt and a smart wristwatch.

3. Casual wear for women essential pieces

3.1. Casual business look

Remember about these key pieces to create the perfect casual business look:

  • heels;
  • a silky blouse;
  • a blazer or a jacket;
  • a smart bag.

Accessorize your glamorous stylish business casual outfits, have fun with accessories!

3.2. Glamorous business style

To create the glamorous look at the office, use the following tips.

  • luxurious heels;
  • top-end perfumes;
  • expensive fabrics;
  • bodycon skirts;
  • silky tops;
  • long pants;
  • statement neckpieces;
  • branded wristwatches;
  • huge bags or tiny clutches.

3.3. Sophisticated business look

For sophisticated office wear, opt for minimum 1 statement piece. You can also clash styles if you know what you are doing.

And another useful tip – adjust the look to the nature of your job. These tips can also come handy:

  • wear masculine looks with heels;
  • huge bling;
  • match sporty sweatshirts with bodycon skirts;
  • wear statement hats;
  • add prints;
  • incorporate leather;
  • wear sheer tops;
  • style denim properly.

3.4. Feminine business style

You office clothes can look very feminine if you go for those flowy dresses and dainty jewelry. Chiffon dresses are quite appropriate for office if you follow these tips:

  • opt for knee-length;
  • choose over-the-knee dresses or skirts in various colors;
  • style them with smart blazers;
  • prefer heels or ballet flats.

3.5. Edgy business look

You can also go for an edgy look if your job is a creative one. You can add these items to your everyday attire:

  • boots;
  • leather;
  • t-shirts;
  • dark lipstick;
  • fancy nails;
  • canvas sneakers.

4. Top 20 latest business casual outfit ideas

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