Fair And White Cream List: 5 Top New Hydroquinone-free Products

Fair and White products designed for a lighter skin, brighter complexion, elimination of dark spots, melasma and blemish scars.

A lot of ladies beware of Fair and White cream side effects, so it must be stated that creams with 2% Hydroquinone are proved to inhibit the production of melanin and are approved by doctors.

However, in this article we are going to consider cosmetic remedies without this controversial ingredient. We are also going to find out how much is Fair and White cream and other remedies.

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1. Fair and White soap: «Gold Satin Exfoliating Bar Soap»

This mild Fair and White soap for dark skin exfoliates and revives skin so it becomes soft and smooth. It contains apricot seed powder removing dead skin cells. These Fair and White Gold reviews claim that your skin will get radiant and silky in no time!

It’s one of the most effective Fair and White products without hydroquinone. It contains Glycerin, well-known for its moisturizing properties. This Fair and White Gold soap reviews demonstrate that those who have been using this remedy are fully happy with it.

Fair and White gold is currently worth about $19.99.

2. Fair and White cream gold: «Gold AHA Brightening Lotion»

This lotion contains AHA and Glycolic Acid that revitalize and rejuvenate as well as brighten and moisturize your tired dull skin.

Does Fair and White Gold contain hydroquinone? Not even a tiny bit! Instead, it has AHA that has similar effect. The lotion ingredients make this remedy one of the skin whitening creams without side effects.

Fair and White cream price is $39.99.

3. Fair and White cream: «So White Hydra Sweet»

This rich silky hydrating remedy will quickly restore your dry skin and rejuvenate it thanks to collagen complex.

Fair and White so white ingredients are Glycerin and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

This cream will cost you $30.99.

4. Fair and White Pink cream: «Miss White Medium Skin 7 Days Lightening»

This whitening and nourishing creams also moisturizes your skin and stops dark spots from appearing for a glowing and even complexion.

The Main Ingredient is 1.9 % Hydroxyphenol.

How much is Fair and White cream in Nigeria? Today it’s just $11.98!

5. Fair and White lotion for dark skin: «Exclusive Glycerin with Pure Vitamin C»

This brand-new Fair and White lotion for dark skin is highly recommended to treat discoloration and dull skin tone. Diacetyl Boldine and Vitamin “C” in the contents brighten and protect from age signs, improving skin elasticity.

This remedy will cost you about $28.99.

6. How to know original Fair and White cream?

Mitchell Group does its best to locate and disclose fake products via private investigators operating in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It’s best to order at «fairandwhite.com», the official website of the company.

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