How To Find The Right Car For You On Jiji

A car is one of the most expensive and valuable purchases you’ll make in your life, which is why choosing a new car is a huge deal. If you’re wondering: “How do I choose the right car for me?“, here are the steps to your perfect choice of a car!

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1. Stick to a budget

Creating a realistic budget is a number one advice on any guide on how to choose best car. Whether you’re buying the car with money you’ve saved or are taking a loan, knowing your price range will noticeably speed up the process of making a choice.

When deciding on the budget, consider not only the price of the car and the paperwork, but also monthly expenses – an exotic car can be deceivingly cheap, but the fuel and maintenance expenses can eat up a large part of your income.

2. The right size

You’re likely asking yourself: “What car should I get in terms of size?” Size is an essential parameter of the car that influences the comfort and safety of the passengers, the price of the vehicle, and the ability to carry stuff with you.

Small cars are a great option for many reasons: they are almost always cheaper than large cars, they consume less fuel, and they can be surprisingly roomy on the inside. Cars like the Ford Focus and Honda Civic aren’t big, but they are remarkably spacious.

If you have more than two children or have other family members you’ll frequently drive around, consider going up a size for a minivan. It’s true that minivans are less glamorous than compact cars and SUVs, but they are practical, reliable, and safe.

SUVs and pickup trucks typically cost more than other vehicles, but they have one significant advantage: their ability to carry heavy loads. Plus, with an SUV or pickup you’ll feel very confident on the road, enjoying the well-deserved respect of other drivers.

3. Do your research

You’ve probably already researched the internet to find an answer to the question “How to find my car model?” and likely have a variety of possible options. List your preferable models and start researching the features and prices.

You can use just a piece of paper and a pen to list the pros and cons of every model and the average price for a used car. Pay special attention to the production year: older cars are cheaper, but they are often hard to maintain and consume a lot of fuel.

4. Make your choice

After weeks or even months of research and learning how to decide what car to buy, you’re probably ready to pick one. This is where you need to go to Jiji, find the car that matches your preferences and needs, and contact the seller.

Perhaps, the most crucial part of how to choose a used car is a test drive. Before you take your dream car for a ride, you can’t really know what it feels to drive it. Decide if you feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel.

During the test drive it’s also important to make the final checks of the car – see if there are any visual defects or technical issues the seller forgot to mention. Only when you’re completely sure you are satisfied, make the purchase.

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