Five Smartphone Accessories You Must Have

The development of the digital world cannot be stopped, and while a few years ago you may have been perfectly happy with your smartphone, today you need phone accessories for extra convenience. Check out the ultimate must-have phone accessories list!

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1. Selfie stick

Selfies are by no means a modern creation – even renowned artists drew portraits of themselves. However, to make things easier there is a genius invention – a selfie stick that can fit in your pocket and easily take photos of 1 to 10 people.

To choose a good selfie stick, look for a device with a firm grip and a phone holder that matches the size of your phone. A great option is a selfie stick that can transform into a tripod. And make sure to buy a stick with a build-in remote control, so that you don’t have to manually set the timer every time you want to snap a pic.

2. Bluetooth speaker

If you hardly ever listen to music from your phone, the reason is likely the low quality of the built-in speaker. Luckily, there is an easy way to enjoy your favourite tunes wherever you go, including parties, hikes, showers, and dates, with the help of a Bluetooth speaker.

The choice of the best Bluetooth speaker depends on your needs; we recommend getting a waterproof speaker for using it in the bathroom and on the beach. A rugged speaker will be much more durable than a beautifully designed but dainty device.

3. Power bank

Even though smartphone batteries are getting more powerful, power banks can be found on any list of top 10 phone accessories. The reason for it is simple – a power bank allows you to live your life without worrying about being too far away from your phone charger.

There is an endless variety of power devices – there are even phone cases that double as chargers. If you’re rarely away from more than one day, look for the most portable power bank that can fit in your bag with a capacity of 5000 to 10000mAh.

4. Headphones

Like a Bluetooth speaker, headphones allow you to blast your favourite music; but, unlike a speaker, headphones are designed only for your enjoyment. With a pair of good headphones you can commute, walk, jog, and do chores while also being entertained by catchy tunes.

The most important choice you’ll need to make here is the choice between over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones are mostly preferred by gamers and audiophiles, in-ear perform best in situations requiring movement or physical activity, and on-ear headphones are the perfect compromise between the two.

5. Car holder

There are dozens of uses for a smartphone for modern drivers – you can use maps, talk to your friends over the speaker, let your little ones watch cartoons during a long car ride, or listen to music while driving. A phone car holder can you do all that and more!

The most popular type of holders remains the suction cup mount – it works great and can hold all kinds of phones, just make sure the area for attaching the suction cup is squeaky clean. Air vent mounts are equally convenient and ensure better protection against potential theft, since they are less visible from the outside.

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