Five Times Ankara Made It To Hollywood!

Premium designers nowadays choose Ankara style to dress up celebrities since Ankara fashion is very versatile and diverse. There’re virtually no limits for your fantasy, so use your imagination to the full. This is probably why Ankara print is becoming a top-popular style at the majority of grand events.

Take a look at how Hollywood stars are rocking Ankara prints!

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1. Ankara evolving!

Long time ago Ankara fabric was considered to be either a material for cultural activities or the fabric that poor people used for making their clothes. At the same time well-to-do people preferred western style in clothing.

This concept has been greatly reconsidered and today African print is both fashionable and glorious material!

2. “African print” is the New Sexy!

Red carpet occasions are frequented by Hollywood celebrities beautifully rocking Ankara dresses. There’s even a long list of actresses and top models that have been recently spotted in gorgeous gowns made with Ankara.

3. Luxury Ankara prints for pop divas

Ankara has totally conquered the world: you can now see pics of Rihanna, Beyonce, Chris Brown and even Gwen Stefani all wearing Ankara styles! The only place Ankara hasn’t made it yet is Bollywood.

4. Ankara jackets and maxi skirts are top trend now

The trendiest look at the moment is a vintage boyfriend jacket worn with a maxi skirt. This style is spreading all over the world extremely fast.

5. Rock those crazy prints!

Ankara designs for gowns are almost as trendy as relaxed maxi skirts. They are great to wear in the heat with a cropped jacket or a coat. You can wear them anywhere from casual parties to important events. Don’t be afraid to mix warm and cool shades in one outfit.

6. Five Hollywood сelebs that are rocking African print dress styles!

Check out these Hollywood stars wearing African prints with dignity and magnificence!

See how Fergie slays in this luxury Ankara print jumpsuit, accessorized with sunglasses and a leather duffle bag.

  • Beyonce

Beyonce has an admirable sense of fashion, and she knows how to rock African print dresses with taste!

  • Rihanna

Rihanna is wearing a gorgeous maxi Ankara dress paired with a leather bag.

  • Gwen Stephanie

Gwen Stefani was spotted in Ankara trouser suit at a recent fashion week.

  • Amber Ross

Plus sized ladies like Hollywood star Amber Ross also look hot in Ankara prints!

  • Kim Kardashian Wears Ankara Too!

Kim Kardashian has also been noticed in Ankara fashion pant suit on her Instagram page.

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