International Women’s Day Gifts: The Top 10

On March 8th women all over the world celebrate the International Women’s Day. On this day women acknowledge how much has been already done for female empowerment and how much still needs to be done.

For most people the Women’s Day is another reason to greet the women in their life with flowers and gifts, but what exactly are good Women’s Day gifts? Check out our guide to Women’s Day 2018 gifts right now!

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1. Flowers

One of the most foolproof gift ideas for women is a bouquet of flowers. It’s an extremely appropriate gift for any woman you know, whether it’s your spouse, mother, daughter, friend, or co-worker. Plus, you can order flower delivery for ladies in other cities or even countries!

2. Chocolate

Hardly any woman can say no to the delicious and tempting chocolate, which makes it a great budget-friendly Women’s Day gift for girlfriend or mom. Looking for ideas on handmade gifts for Women’s Day? Construct a chocolate bouquet made completely out of sweets!

3. Tablet

If you want a no-expense-spared gift for the important woman in your life, consider giving her a tablet! Even if the woman already has a number of gadgets, she will be happy to receive a tablet that can be used for reading, watching films, collecting recipes, viewing photos, and many other enjoyable activities.

4. Photo frame

One of the most touching and personal gifts you can give this Women’s Day is a photo frame. Buy it beforehand and put in a picture that has a special meaning for the recipient: it can be a photo of you as a couple, a picture of the kids, or her adorable pet.

5. Teddy bear

If you’re on a search for a Women’s Day present for the younger women in your life or someone who prefers romantic gifts, one of your best options is a teddy bear. Today you can find giant teddy bears that are taller than a human, but even an average-sized bear makes a great gift.

6. Tea cup or mug

The gift ideas for Women’s Day celebration in office should be affordable yet useful and memorable, and there are few better gifts than cute tea cups. A mug is another fantastic choice of Women’s Day gift ideas for employees – they can be easily customized to include the company logo or a fun message.

7. Phone case

There can never be too many phone cases – women love to change them whenever they feel like it, which means another addition to their collection is always welcome. You can find great cases for any smartphone make and model on Jiji!

8. Beauty service certificate

A popular trend of gift giving lately is presenting a woman with an experience rather than a physical gift, and a certificate for beauty services is always a welcome present. Whether it’s a day at the SPA, a massage, a manicure, or a facial treatment, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

9. Jewelry

Jewelry is a no-brainer when it comes to gifts for women, and the great thing is that you can easily find the right present for every woman in your life. An elegant bracelet is the ideal Women’s Day gift for mom, while a flashy diamond ring will definitely leave your partner pleasantly surprised.

10. Dance lessons

Another way to leave a lasting impression on the woman with your Women’s Day gift is to surprise her with a certificate for dance lessons that you can attend together. It’s going to be a great way to spend more time together while also keeping fit an enjoying moving to the music!

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