How To Invest In Real Estate In Nigeria 2018

Both Nigerians and foreigners are currently very interested in investment opportunities in Nigeria. Today’s economy provides many opportunities to join the investment business, and no other sector promises as much financial success as real estate investment in Nigeria.

If you look at the list of Nigeria’s richest people, you will find that most of them build their fortunes using property. Find out how to invest in Nigeria and rich the success you deserve!

Investing in real estate: rental properties

Most real estate investors start their journey to financial independence through rental properties. Out of all investment opportunities in Nigeria, this one is the most welcoming to beginners and is almost impossible to fail. As an investor, you purchase a set of properties and lease it to your tenants, becoming a landlord. Being a landlord has its own benefits – most importantly, steady monthly income you can count on.

Of course, there are some downsides to renting out property; for example, from the moment you buy real estate, you become responsible for the maintenance and repair, which can be quite costly. Plus, dealing with difficult tenants is another negative aspect of being a landlord. Still, stability and easy start make it one of the most popular investments in Nigeria.

Property flipping

If you already have some experience, keep your finger on the pulse of the real estate market, and are not afraid to take certain risks, this type of property investment may be right up your street. Essentially, property flipping is buying real estate and reselling it shortly afterwards, increasing its value.

Obviously, you’ll get the biggest profit from buying and selling expensive houses, apartments, and land plots as often as possible. However, even beginners can join the property flipping business by purchasing one land plot and subsequently selling it for profit.

Investing in real estate development

When it comes to expenses of real estate investment in Nigeria, development is by far the most demanding one. It’s not common for Nigerians to start their career in investment with development; usually property development is reserved for investors with a respectable portfolio and enough money for risky operations.

Investment in real estate development isn’t a way to make quick profits, which means you need to have another source of income and wait for investment returns.


Cooperative real estate investment is a suitable option for everyone, from beginners with a small capital to experienced investors who want to try new ventures.

Cooperatives consist of a group of people, where each member contributes money for the cooperative to buy a piece of land. The land plot can then be sold to a builder, or the cooperative can continue to own it, developing their own property and sharing both the expenses and the profits.

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