How To Make Shoes: Top 9 Tutorials

Even though there is no shortage of beautiful shoes in today’s fashion market, many of us are looking for something truly special. Knowing how to design shoes will help finally own your perfect pair! Find out how to make shoes from scratch right now.

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1. How to make shoe pattern

The first step in learning how to make shoes is mastering the art of making a shoe pattern. Here lies your first challenge, as unless you know how to draw shoes step by step, you risk making shoes that don’t fit properly or can’t be safely worn outside.

There is no sophisticated shoe making equipment needed at this stage, but you will need an essential tool – a shoe last. You can find them in stores selling shoe materials and equipment, or you can use one of the shoes that fit you perfectly.

In the latter case you will need to wrap it with tape like you’d do with a shoe last, but you’ll need to be extra careful when removing the tape so that the shoe doesn’t get scratched or damaged. Here is a list of things you’ll need:

  • Shoe last
  • Wide masking tape
  • Sharp hobby knife
  • Flexible ruler
  • Stiff paper
  • Pens and pencils

Once you have the necessary tools ready, follow these steps to make your first ever shoe pattern!

  1. Tape over your shoe last or real shoe with wide masking tape; the tape needs to overlap to make the pattern more secure.
  2. Use a steel ruler and a pencil to mark a central line all the way from the top to the toe and from the back to the heel.
  3. With a sharp hobby knife, cut throught the lines. Grab the corner of each piece of tape and gently pull off the shoe last. If you’ve correctly taped your shoe last in an overlapping pattern, the tape will come off easily.
  4. Tape the pattern to stiff paper and overline, adding the necessary measurements for the formation of a shoe.

Proceed with making the rest of the shoe pattern using this helpful step by step tutorial. This tutorial is designed for men’s footwear, but you can easily adapt it to any kind of shoes you want to make, especially if they have low heels or platforms.

How To Make A Shoe Pattern

Uploaded by B-EAZY ACADEMY on 2016-07-24.


2. How to make Ankara shoes

If you love Ankara fabric, you can easily add a pair stylish native shoes to your wardrobe! For this DIY tutorial you will shoe pattern – use the tutorial from above. Here is how to make homemade shoes with Ankara.

  1. Make two shoe patterns from flexible paper for each foot and cut out the Ankara fabric using the patterns. Make precise cuts so that the shoes look even and neat in the end.
  2. Now you need to make the lining for your shoes using the same pattern and your fabric of choice; it should be light but firm to hold the shape of the shoe well.
  3. Sew the black leather or patent leather rim onto your fabric and attach the Ankara fabric to the lining.
  4. Make a pattern for the soles of the shoes and cut two pieces out of rubber or other material of your choice.
  5. Use a shoe last to assemble the shoe and make finishing touches to the shape of your Ankara shoes. Here is a video shoe making tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about making Ankara shoes.

How to make Ankara flat shoe DIY

this video will help and shoe you tips of how you can make ankara flat shoe from the scratch .

3. How to make sneakers

Did you think that creating sneakers requires next level skills and shoe making tools? Well, with the right tutorial there is nothing impossible and if you have a sewing machine and the required shoe making materials, you can rock your homemade Ankara sneakers in no time!

You can go the easy way and actually turn your old pair of sneakers into trendy Ankara footwear – it only requires Ankara fabric and fabric glue. Here is how one savvy Ankara fan upgraded a pair of sneakers she no longer wears:


THANKS FOR WATCHING THIS NEW VIDEO!’ In this video I will be showing you how I covered this old sneakers! Please like, subscribe and share this video with your friends! GOD BLESS! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC AL RIGHTS GO TO THE OWNER!!! Music by:

If you want to learn how to make Ankara sneakers from scratch, you should know that the process is significantly more complex. Luckily, with this YouTube tutorial, a bit of patience, and a good sewing machine, you’ll become the owner of your own Ankara sneakers in no time!

Making Ankara Sneaker (African Print)

Step by step video of how to make modern sneakers making with Ankara (African Print ) You can Do more with this video, please visit my site to learn core The school of Shoemaking and craft is a human development and skill acquisition center where we teach non teach on how to improve their craft and make their dream of being a master craft a reality.

4. How to make slippers

Ankara slippers and sandals remain one of the favourite types of footwear for Nigerian fashionistas, but right now we are going to focus on something slightly different – leather slippers. So, how to make leather slippers at home from scratch?

It’s worth noting that leather slipper making is not for complete beginners: working with leather is rather challenging and requires at least minimal knowledge of the leather craft. However, if you know your way around leather even a little bit, then these leather sandals can be your next favourite DIY project!

How I make a pair of leather flip flops

How I make a pair of leather flip flops. Complete tool and product list below!

If you still haven’t given up on the idea of making Ankara slippers, you can do it with the help of this detailed tutorial. You can upgrade these slippers with your own ideas – luckily, there are plenty of charming Ankara slippers designs to choose from! Here is how to make slippers at home with Ankara.

Summer slippers making African print (ankara)

Step by step video of how our 2017 summer bag making class participant make bag like professional with Ankara (African Print ) You can Do more with this video, please visit my site to learn core The school of Shoemaking and craft is a human development and skill acquisition center where we teach non teach on how to improve their craft and make their dream of being a master craft a reality.

5. How to make sandals

Sandals remain one of the most popular types of women’s footwear, and you probably already own a couple of nice pairs of sandals, whether they are flat, platform, or high-heeled. If you feel like your sandals need an upgrade, do it yourself with gorgeous Ankara fabric!

Let’s start with the easiest way to get a pair of new Ankara sandals – by transforming your old ones. Here is how to make your own sandals at home!


This Ankara sandal is life !!!!!!!! This DIY video is to show you how I got to do this beautiful Ankara sandal, which takes you less than an hour to do it.HOPE YOU LOVE IT.

There are a couple of secrets for making it work: first, the surface of your sandals needs to be rough enough to hold the glue better. Second, use the highest grade of glue you can find – only then your sandals will survive even a hundred of wears.

If you’re a fan of gladiator sandals and are currently waiting for them to come into vogue again, you can prepare for the comeback of your favourite footwear by transforming your old sandals and a couple of lightweight scarves a into a pair of beautiful flat gladiator sandals.

Quickie How-to Gladiator Sandals

Kristen from GlitterNGlue stopped by to show how-to make her FABULOUS Gladiator Sandals. So doing this. MUST. GET. SCARVES. *adds to thrift store shopping list Subscribe to Threadbanger Here! Visit Kristen’s Blog:

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to make your own Ankara sandals from scratch, there is a tutorial for you! With this guide you will see the process of making one-of-a-kind Ankara sandals in detail and get inspired to do the same.

DIY : How to make sandal from ur pieces fabric.

High light of my sandal making procces, this video wil help you to make own lovely sandal in your lesuer

Hopefully, now you have several ideas of upgrading your shoe closet: whether you’ll recreate the easy tutorials using old pairs of shoes or will take on the daring task of making shoes from scratch, we have no doubts that soon you’ll be rocking your new footwear all over town!

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