10 Beauty Hacks! Hair And Make Up Tips And Tricks

Over the years most ladies develop their own makeup routines and know exactly how to do perfect makeup. However, learning new beauty tips is always a good idea to keep your look fresh and trendy. Check out 10 most essential beauty tips and secrets!

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1. Do a hot oil treatment

Want to know how to get luscious, healthy hair with minimal effort? Then introduce a hot oil treatment into your beauty regime! Use your favourite oil like coconut or jojoba, and a fragrant essential oil like lavender or rose, for a procedure that will leave your hair soft, moisturized, and shiny.

2. Develop a go-to makeup

We have no doubts that you know how to get professional makeup look, but sometimes a full makeup routine can be time-consuming. That is why you need to design your own makeup tips for an effortless everyday look.

Most women say that the best makeup products for daily beauty are concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lip gloss. Applying these products won’t take you more than 5 minutes and you can always add a couple of other products like eyeliner or highlighter for an even more charming look!

3. Use a washcloth

If you’re looking not only for beauty tips for face, but also want your body to look flawless, here is one of the most valuable beauty tips for glowing skin. When taking a shower or a bath, massage your body with a washcloth to effectively exfoliate the skin, revealing your smooth and glowing complexion underneath.

4. Find the right foundation

One of the most valuable makeup tips and tricks is how to apply foundation for a professional makeup look. The key here is to find good foundation – it needs to have yellow undertones, be lightweight, and not have a chalky finish. Apply the foundation using a beauty blender or a high quality makeup brush for a natural look.

5. Which lip product to use?

There are many lip makeup tips for beginners, but knowing which lip makeup suits for every occasion is by far the most vital. Use a tinted lip gloss with a complementary lip liner for everyday makeup and go for a dramatic matte lipstick in red, burgundy or purple shades for an evening event.

6. Use turbans

Do you ever have bad hair days? When none of the hair beauty hacks seem to help, simply dress your hair in a turban! You can build a collection of turbans for every occasion and outfit, so you’ll always know what to do when your hair simply refuses to cooperate.

7. Make use of vaseline

This humble translucent substance is actually one of the most powerful natural face beauty tips for dark skin. You can apply it everywhere, from your lips to the knees and elbows for a strong moisturizing effect that lasts. You can also use a thin layer of vaseline as a makeup primer.

8. Embrace colours

Wondering how to make a perfect makeup? Then stop being afraid of colours! If you watch tutorials on how to do professional makeup, you’ll see that most of them include at least one pop of colour. You can apply colourful eyeshadow or go for a bold lip to make your look stand out.

9. Master contouring

The hottest makeup tutorial subject of the past years is contouring, which allows you to completely change your facial structure. We know contouring may seem intimidating, but it should really be one of the first things you master when learning how to apply makeup.

10. Use shimmers and metallics

If you only know the basics of how to make up, you probably think that you should stick to matte textures. However, the truth is that shimmers and metallics can do wonders for dark skin! This includes eyeshadows and eyeliners, highlighters and blushes, and, of course, lip colours.

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