5 Best Honda Cars Nigerians Adore

Honda cars are in the list of TOP-popular among Nigerian drivers. The Japanese car concern was established in 1948. Nowadays, it is best-known for its cars, motorbikes, and robots. Back in 1970s, after the repaid increase of prices for oil, Honda cars became the bestseller on the American market.

Honda has achieved wide recognition thanks to the obvious reasons: high quality and reliability, innovative tech solutions, and creative marketing strategy. New Honda with carbon engine is expected to become the first of its kind on the market. The following five models are already available and waiting for you.

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Honda Accord

best honda cars

Massive bumper, big Honda logo, glittering chromated elements – this is what catches your eye at the first glance at the newest Honda Accord. This car is equipped with systems that ensure advanced safety and control features.

For example is received LaneWatch system, which instantly became popular among drivers. It allows seeing a blind spot located on the right, which is appreciated even among the most skilled drivers. Innovative navigation system helps to create the ultimate path. Bluetooth HFT system with the elements located on a steering wheel allows communicating without distracting from the road.

Designers devoted enough attention to the interior. The seats are ultimately comfortable even in older models. Never models offers a wide variety of adaptive features and impressive personalization. Leather finishing makes the interior bright and ergonomic. Eco Assist system guarantees efficient fuel consumption.

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Honda Pilot

best honda cars

Pilot is introduced by three generations of excellent vehicles, the last one changing the conception of how a modern SUV should look. Strict and confident exterior together with dimensions emphasize its leadership on the road. Honda Connect infotainment system and video system for passengers adds positive emotions to every drive.

The newest Honda Pilot has V6 engine of Earth Dreams line. It is 3.0 of volume and 249 horsepowers, 6-stage automatic gearbox, the possibility to reach 100 kmph in 9.1 sec, and moderate fuel consumption.The car is perfect for city and rural areas, forest and field roads.

Pilot is known for advanced safety features: easiness of control, long list of active and passive safety means etc. According to NHTSA, the strictest testing agency, Pilot was rated five stars for safety. These are only some of the features that make Honda Pilot the best SUV of 2016.

Honda CR-V

best honda cars

Honda CR-V is suitable for any purpose: everyday drives to work, family trips, weekly shopping outings, picnic trip with friends, a long journey with your buddies. In each situation, the drive is going to be pleasant, comfortable, and safe. Everything is planned to details here.

CR-V’s interrior is the highlight of engineers’ work. Thanks to the original construction and arrangement, the interior is more spacious than it seems. The high quality of materials used for finishing and ergonomic design make the cabin impressive in terms of comfort and usability.

Driver’s seat was projected with the special preciseness. Lateral support, bright dashboard and devices that are easy to read, convenient controls – everything is organized to make CR-V control easy and almost intuitive. Trunk capacity comes as a bonus: with foldable backseats, it increases to 950 liters!

Honda Crosstour

best honda cars

Crosstour occupies a special place in the line of Honda’s vehicles. It combines the best features of sedan, sportcar, and crossover. It does not have any analogues and represents the brand new class in the class of all-wheel drive vehicle.

Just like CR-V, it suits for every ride you may think of: office, restaurant, family rest, distant and long trip with friends etc. Regardless of road conditions, you’ll experience the dynamics and maneuverability, increased stability, complete safety, and noise isolation.

You have everything for a perfect ride: luxurious seats, easy access to electronic features and systems, premium audio system, and dual-zone climate control. This model is also enabled with LaneWatch safety system and received five stars in demanding safety tests.

Honda Civic

best honda cars

Last but not least, Honda Civic rounds out the top five of most common Honda models in Nigeria. Last year, the tenth generation of this vehicle appeared on the market. It became brighter and more expressive thanks to the third window, new radiator grill, and a couple of other details.

Honda Civic is attractive exterior, spacious five-seat cabin, fuel-efficient 1.6-liter engine, 125 horsepowers, and a wide range of hi-tech features. It may be not the most distinctive model, but certainly one of the most important thanks to its ergonomic features and everyday safety.

Although it is a simple hatchback, the seats are rather sporty, with leather finishing and lateral support. The dashboard consists of multimedia system with 7” display, rear camera, navigation, and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support. Good speakers will make every drive pleasant and enjoyable.

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