Bag Trends 2018

Ladies’ purses have a magic ability to keep accommodate everything necessary, regardless of the size. Nevertheless, functionality is not the only thing girls are looking for – bags are meant to be a final touch of an awesome look. As 2018 handbags trends show, it won’t be a problem this year.

Latest handbags 2018 surprise by their diversity. There is something interesting for outstanding fashionistas and those, who prefer something simple and functional. Let’s find out more about most popular designer handbags 2018, so you can remain the coolest kid on the block.

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Fur bags

bag trends 2018

Winter season brought some interesting ideas. Along with fur coats, designers decided to introduce some cozy accessories, like fur bags. They look nice and come in different shapes. Lately, designers prefer faux fur and the vast variety of bright colors. Red is the most stylish pick this season.

Oversized bags

bag trends 2018

Oversized stuff becomes more popular with each season. This time, designers managed to break the records with latest fashion bags – they’ve never been so large before. These bags can fit not only for catwalks, but for shopping and a weekend getaway.


Monolook & accessories

bag trends 2018

There are some more bag trends 2018 that remained from the previous season. It is okay to get a purse of the same color that your outfit. Moreover, it is okay to take something made of the same materials and with identical decor.

Clutch bags

bag trends 2018

After a short break, clutches are back to the list of fashion bags again. Simple and laconic models are very convenient – they look nice and for everything. There are options for special occasions, made of metallized leather, decorated with crystals, glittering sequins, beads, and embroidery.

Micro purses

bag trends 2018

Little purses are welcome. Choose a proper color for a current season. If you think they are not convenient and practical, there is one more latest purse trend that will save the day. It is okay to pair little purses with bigger bags and take both with you.

Bucket bags

bag trends 2018

bucket bag is completely the opposite: completely, big, practical, universal, fitting to diverse clothing styles. In fact, this year designers focused on “universal” part. You can find not only casual and everyday options, but something special you can take when wearing a gown.

Bizarre forms

bag trends 2018

Original and unique forms are the highlight for al accessories this year. It all started from heels, followed by head accessories, and slowly came to bags. The latest trends include geometric figures and themed forms. Find a bag that looks like a penguin, an apple, or a rocket, and you’ll be the most stylish among all your friends.

Suitcase bags

bag trends 2018

Although we’ve mentioned geometric trends before, this one deserves special attention. If you look at Gucci bags 2018, you’ll notice the same obsession to rectangular and formal-looking bags as in Louis Vuitton, Roksanda, Dolce & Gabbana collections. This is a hit in many European fashion houses, and it shouldn’t be ignored.


bag trends 2018

Some collections feature stylish daypacks. However, these are not sporty models – we couldn’t find those on the catwalks this year. Designers advise to take glamorous bags even with casual textile suits of sport style. Metallic shades are the most popular and look good with romantic and business look.

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Trendy colors

bag trends 2018

Different houses have chosen specific colors for their bag collections this year. You can find monochromatic classics, from light green to fuchsia. Nevertheless, there is a favorite: blue color and all its shades. All-blue or combined with green, pink, orange and brown elements, a blue bag is a must-have accessory.

Trendy accents

bag trends 2018

You’ve probably noticed that metallic elements are quite popular this year. Glam-rock trend is on the focus after the long vacation. You are welcome to pick bags with massive and even slightly aggressive metallic elements, glittering and chaotic decor. Chains for handles are also a good idea.

Trendy patterns

bag trends 2018

In 2018, designers decided to devote more attention to floral prints, so you will notice the abundance of large flowers, colorful embroidery, painting and patchwork with all existing and imaginary plants. Flowers come in different colors and textures, so you should pick at least some for you.

Trendy details

bag trends 2018

Finally, designers decided to experiment with handbags and decorations. Besides, pendants made a loud comeback. In 2018, they necessarily contrast with the bag form or color, breaking the harmony. You can combine an animal, plant, or fringe-looking decoration even with the strictest forms, it is allowed now.