Best Generator in Nigeria

Africa is rapidly developing, but troubles with water supply and stable electricity never come to an end. Although some things are out of your control, you can take care of the latter and start with viewing generators for sale in Nigeria.

The first question that reaches one’s mind when looking for equipment is how much is generator in Nigeria? Prices of generators in Nigeria vary a lot depending on a chosen brand, condition, and store. To be certain you find the best generator for home, look for one on Jiji. We will not decide which one is the best for you, but we prepared a helpful shortlist.

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Choosing a generator

Before trying to figure out which one is best generator brand in Nigeria, let’s recollect what to pay attention when choosing a generator. In most cases, the verdict depends on your requirements and needs. You should keep in mind house features and specifications of a generator.

Best Generator in Nigeria

House features:

  • time of exploitation – seasonal or constant;
  • frequency of power outages;
  • generator type – main, reserve, auxiliary, emergency;
  • location – inside or outside the house.

Generator specifications:

  • power;
  • type of the machine – gas, gasoline, diesel;
  • quantity of phases – one- or three-phase;
  • control system – manual, starter, automatic;
  • cooling type – air or liquid.

Diesel generators are probably the most common in Nigeria for several reasons. Firstly, diesel generator prices in Nigeria are really affordable. Secondly, prices for fuel are too. Thirdly, you have a huge selection of used diesel generators for sale in Nigeria. Let’s check popular generators and generator prices in Nigeria.

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Mikano generator

Best Generator in Nigeria

One of the leading manufacturers, it provides solutions for home use and industrial purposes. Besides, the wide range of Mikano generator prices makes them affordable. There are several operation solutions able to minimise fuel expenses. Mikano generator prices in Nigeria range from N2,770 to N52,380,000.

Thermocool generator

Best Generator in Nigeria

These are known for compact design and fuel efficiency. They do not occupy much space while providing 500-1000 hours of continuous work. Moreover, there are some eco-friendly models and models with remote start. Thermocool generator prices start from 38,000.

Firman generator

Best Generator in Nigeria

By purchasing a Sumec Firman generator, you get a diesel generator of fair quality. With proper exploitation, it will serve you for a decade. The economic mode in simple devices keeps them functioning for 10 and more hours without breaks. Firman generator price list surprises by its diversity. Firman generator price on Jiji starts from N16,000.

Tiger generator

Best Generator in Nigeria

Generators by this manufacturer are practical and portative. They are powerful enough to maintain the stable functioning of electronic appliances and house lighting. The customers are offered multiple solutions for appliances, which differ by power (from 0.75 to 5 kWt). Tiger generator prices start from N18,000.

Elepaq generator

Best Generator in Nigeria

These are eco-friendly appliances that come at affordable price. They are portable, easy manageable, and work on gasoline. Elepaq has gained the reputation of convenient and reliable – exactly what the majority looks for. Elepaq generator price list starts from N22,000.

Lutian generator

Best Generator in Nigeria

Lutian, similarly to the previous manufacturer, are new on the African market. Nevertheless, they are good in dealing with power outages. High-quality automatics guarantees safe running and support of sensitive electronic equipment. Lutian generator price in Nigeria starts from N38,000.

You cannot control power outages, but you are able to minimize the consequences. It is easy to upgrade electronic system in your house. Just pick proper elements for backup, and you will never have to worry about ruined evening, interrupted movie, unsaved documents on your PC, or spoiled food.