Best Pink Lips Cream In Nigeria That Really Works!

A lot of ladies sometimes complain that their lips are getting dry and less kissable. Therefore they are always in search of a good pink lips cream to make their lips softer and more luscious.

This post is going to be all about how to make your lips flirty and irresistible again!

We have collected the best pink lips products and top remedies dealing with how to get permanent pink lips at home!

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1. Best pink lips cream in Nigeria: Top 5

Yimeiy Natural                         Moonse Effective Dark Lips                    Bioaqua Pink LipCream
Effective Dark Lips

5/5                                                      4.5/5                                                       4/5  

1.1. Yimeiy Natural Effective Dark Lips to Pink Lips Cream

This permanent pink lips balm is made only from natural ingredients that quickly lighten dark lips permanently. It has raving reviews and is proven to make your lips pink in no time!

The product acts by inhibiting melanin production, so your darker spots on the lips are eliminated within a couple of days! This whitening cream does wonders in terms of pigmentation and lips discoloration on Asian, White, and Black skin types.

Apply it at least twice a day and then wipe with paper tissue in 30 min.

1.2. Moonse Effective Dark Lips to Pink Lips Cream

This effective Moonse lip bleach cream acts incredibly fast and guarantees amazing results for your mouth, vaginal lips or the breast nipple!


  • Cleanses and reddens all labial surfaces if used one to two times daily.
  • Improves the color of dark lips, purple lips and the dark nipples.
  • Makes your lips brighter.
  • Makes your lips as soft as the skin of a baby.
  • Not for swallowing or rubbing into eyes.
  • Cannot be used all over the body.

1.3. Bioaqua Pink Lip Cream

Bioaqua permanent pink lips cream is made of entirely natural ingredients that care about the skin of your lips, vagina, anus and nipples while making these parts of the body brighter and more attractive. Suitable for all skin types.

Apply on a cleansed skin wherever necessary at least once a day.

1.4. Instant Permanent Pinklips Unisex Cream

This product also promises to make your lips pinkier and more seductive. It’s effective for smokers, people with discolorated or naturally dark lips.

1.5. Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Mini

This is one of the cheapest effective pink lips cream in Nigeria, that promises:

  • To relieve and heal dry, perched and cracked lips.
  • To moisturize and soothe dry lips leaving a beautiful pink tint
  • To nourish with pure Vaseline petroleum jelly.
  • To delight you with its delicate rose scent.

2. How to use pink lips cream

How to apply a pink lips cream

Pink lips balm from smartboss_beautyhome

3. How to get permanent pink lips at home

These are 100% natural, effective and easy-to-make home remedies for pink lips in 15 days or even less:

Permanently SOFT PINK LIPS absolutely effective organic remedy prepared at home:

Permanent SOFT PINK LIPS at home with all natural ingredients,100%working

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2 Simple Ways to Make your Lips Pink Naturally

Get Pink Lips Naturally | 2 Easy Ways

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