Court Wedding Dresses In Nigeria: Ultimate 2018 Collection

Many people do not like going for court Nigerian wedding. The reason is not that these events are quite boring: they just have no clear idea what to wear!

However, as we live in a modern Fashion world, we have lots of outfit options to choose from – you just have to see them!

The main thing that you have to understand is that attending Nigerian court wedding does not require you dress too provocative – you just have to look fascinating. We have your back: here are specially selected, latest court wedding dresses and some important tips that will make you glamorous!

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1. Wedding gowns in Nigeria

We all know that the traditional color for wedding is snow-white, but you have to understand that the white is not the main or only option! Many contemporary brides love the changes and experiments in style. Therefore, it is really okay to try other color options, necklines and styles.

  • Snow-white wedding outfits: even if you choose them, they do not have to be regular and boring. Compliment your wonderful white dress with accents of different colors (blue, red, green, etc.). This way you can create an intriguing but still «appropriate-for-wedding» outfit.
  • Length: since you are not attending an official church wedding, you can leave the floor-length dress behind and try something new. Just make sure you will feel comfortable!
  • Slits and necklines: who said that you can’t look sexy on your special court wedding?! You can choose from low necklines or high slits if you feel comfortable and seductive in such outfits.

All you have to remember is that you have to forget about all standards on your special day. You just have to create a killer-look with your Nigerian wedding dress 2018!

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2. Court wedding dresses in Nigeria: different options

2.1. Aso Oke

There are three most popular types of Aso Oke dresses:

  • Sanyan that is usually brown/light brown,
  • Alaari that is the red dress,
  • Etu that is the dark blue dress.

Women’s Aso Oke outfit typically consist of four fragments:

  • Buba – the Yoruba blouse,
  • Iro – the wrap skirt,
  • Gele – the head tie,
  • Iborun/Ipele that is shoulder sash.

2.2. Ankara

Ankara is one of the most inexpensive but beloved and astonishing fabrics. Used for everyday wear, Ankara has colorful tribal-like patterns.

2.3. Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi dresses maybe the most valuable and ancient African outfit. They are associated with special occasions and, of course, weddings. Aso Ebi is just like a family uniform, worn by its members during the special events.

2.4. Jewel by Lisa

This is a luxurious dress, mixing a traditional and modern design. Jewel by Lisa was the first dress, that was embellished with Ankara, beads, Swarovski crystals and sequins. This is one of the best examples of real craft.

2.5. Bella Naija

BellaNaija definitely adds astonishing beauty to a wedding. Nigerians often wear it to weddings, just like the Aso Ebi dresses.

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3. Wedding bridal gowns and accessories in Nigeria

4. Latest wedding gown in Nigeria: top choices

What you need for a court wedding/marriage in Nigeria

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