Fast Selling Products In Nigeria: The Top 10

Are you thinking of starting your own business? The best business in Nigeria is, as always, selling goods. To make sure your business succeeds, check out the list of fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria of 2018! Here are top 10 top selling products in Nigeria.

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1. Foodstuff

If you come across any business that moves fast in Nigeria, there is a good chance that this business deals with foodstuff. You can sell the fastest selling commodities in Nigeria like groceries or launch a fast food business and sell popular roadside meals.

2. Smartphone accessories

Any list of imported goods in Nigeria wouldn’t be complete without hundreds of different smartphone accessories that are usually imported from China. Headphones, phone cases, power banks, selfie sticks, and memory cards are a good way to start!

3. Water

One of the fast selling products in Nigeria 2018 is the plain and humble water. Water is a hot commodity in the country and you can make a fortune out of delivering water to homes and offices or selling fresh sachet water for customers to drink on the go.

4. Car parts

Nigerians love their cars, but what they love even more is keeping their cars in a good condition. This is why the high demand products in Nigeria you should consider for your new business are various spare car parts and accessories for their rides.

5. Jewelry

Even during the time of economic hardships, people still want to accessorize their look. Many new thriving businesses in Nigeria sell jewelry. You can start by selling cheap metal or ceramic jewelry, and once you make more money, you can move on to gold.

6. Decoders

Nigerians love to be entertained, and the easiest way to treat yourself to hours of fun is to turn on the TV. A decoder is able to unlock all kinds of interesting content, which is why decoders will always be among the best selling products in Nigeria.

7. Baby products

We all want the best for our kids, and when you become a parent, there is a huge shopping list to go through. Sell baby products like diapers, food, toys, clothes, shoes, baby care products, and you’ll not only make money, but also help parents find great goods for their little ones.

8. Spices

According to many successful businessmen, the fast selling food items in Nigeria are various spices and seasonings. Salt, pepper, stock cubes, paprika, vanilla, baking powder, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves are only several of the spices you can sell for profit.

9. Cosmetics

Looking good is a whole art, and different skin care products and makeup are the most essential tools to achieve a flawless look. You can sell beauty products from local brands or international best-sellers. You can also launch your cosmetics production business!

10. Detergents

People put a lot of effort into keeping their house squeaky clean and they need a variety of detergents for the job. Top fast selling products in Nigeria for cleaning include washing powder, dishwashing liquid, and detergents for cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen equipment.

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