Health Benefits Of Broccoli And Top 5 Ways To Eat It

What is broccoli? Broccoli is a very recognizable green vegetable that you probably have a very strong opinion about. People either love or hate broccoli, but the numerous health benefits of broccoli make it one of the most vital food products. Check out the top effects of broccoli on health!

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1. Brain health

The nutritional value of broccoli is well known, but thanks to the high content of vitamin K and choline broccoli can make you a quick thinker, improve you cognitive abilities, and boost your memory. Moreover, broccoli has a long-term effect on brain health and can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Eye health

One of the biggest broccoli benefits for health is its ability to improve eye health and prevent various eye diseases like cataract and macular degeneration. This effect of broccoli is due to its content of lutein and zeaxanthin, valuable ceratinoids.

3. Weight loss

Surprisingly for many, broccoli benefits weight loss in two important ways. First, broccoli is low in calories but rich in dietary fiber, which is why it keeps you full for a long time and prevents overeating. Second, the sulforaphane contained in broccoli has been found to break down fat cells.

4. Better bones and teeth

Many studies say that vitamin K is as essential for bone and teeth health as calcium. One serving of broccoli contains 270 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin K, along with potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which over time give you stronger bones and healthier teeth.

5. Healthy pregnancy

Women are taught to watch what they eat while pregnant, which is why, if you’re expecting, you’re probably wondering: is broccoli good for pregnancy? The answer is yes! In addition to the regular uses of broccoli, it also prevents birth defects and promotes a healthy development of the baby.

6. Allergy cure

If you’re suffering from allergies, make sure to include broccoli into your regular diet! Broccoli boosts the production of proteins that are responsible for the creation of antioxidants that prevent allergies. Moreover, the quercetin, found in large quantities in broccoli, is one of the most common anti-allergy medicine components.

7. Metabolism and digestion

Thanks to the high dietary fiber content, broccoli doesn’t just aid weight loss – it also boosts your metabolism and ensures a healthy digestive process. Plus, the vitamin C and calcium contained in broccoli are also known to significantly improve metabolism. And now you know the answer to the question: “Does broccoli have vitamin C?

8. Broccoli benefits for skin and hair

There are many benefits of eating broccoli for skin, but the most important ones are its ability to slow down the aging process, improving the elasticity of the skin, and removing minor skin imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, and spots.

Broccoli can also do a lot for your hair! It can stop hair loss, strengthen your hair, and give it a lustrous, healthy look. And the best news is that there are no complicated procedures required – simply eat plenty of broccoli and enjoy all of its benefits at once!

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9. How to eat broccoli

If you’ve rarely come across broccoli but now want to include it in your family’s diet, here are 5 best ways to eat it:

  • Boiled or steamed broccoli is the most popular way of cooking it. Serve it as a side dish for meat and fish.
  • Broccoli soup is the favourite dinner of children and adults! You can leave the broccoli and other vegetables in chunks or blitz the soup using a blender – in that case you can add cream or cheese for an even better flavour and consistency.
  • Broccoli florets and stems can be eaten raw – chop them up in a salad for a crunchy green treat.
  • For a less healthy but still delicious take on broccoli dredge the florets in batter and deep fry them. Eat fried broccoli as a snack or side dish.
  • Boiled broccoli can be easily turned into a sauce with the help of a blender, oil, and some spices. Serve the sauce with pasta or any other dish you want!

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