Health Benefits Of Walnuts For Your Body And Beauty

There are dozens of known uses of walnut in the kitchen, but this famous nut can be much more than a tasty addition to your favourite dishes. The nutritional value of walnuts makes them a true superfood. Check out top 11 health benefits of walnuts!

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1. Brain health

For years walnuts have been referred to as the food for the brain, not just because of their nutritional value, but also because of their appearance that resembles a human brain. Turns out walnuts can really do a lot for improving your brain function!

Walnut benefits for brain stem from the nut’s high content of antioxidants, which prevent age-related decline in the way your brain works, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for improving memory, preventing depression, and ensuring sharp thinking.

2. Heart health

To put it briefly, walnut benefits the heart by reducing the level of bad cholesterol and boosting the production of good cholesterol. By clearing up your arteries, walnuts are an effective solution for high blood pressure and hypertension-related heart problems.

3. Digestive health

There are many possible digestive issues, and many of them happen in the intestines due to the imbalance in the human microbiome. Including walnuts into your daily diet helps your intestines build colonies of good bacteria and improve digestion even in elderly people.

4. Fertility

Infertility is a very common issue, and in many couples it’s the men who have trouble conceiving a child. One of the most valuable walnut benefits for men is the ability of walnuts to improve the quality of their sperm, increasing the vitality, quantity, and mobility of sperm cells.

5. Bone health

People famously have trouble retaining calcium in their bodies, which leads to bone fragility and risk of broken limbs. Walnuts have a powerful ability to not only prevent the excretion of calcium from the body, but also to improve the body’s ability to absorb and retain calcium from food.

6. Good mood

Are you prone to mood swings and often feel down for no reason? Add a handful of walnuts to your daily food time table, for example, as a snack before meals, and keep a more stable and overall better mood that will let you achieve more and enjoy life.

7. Better sleep

Insomnia is a very tiring condition that can be caused by dozens of factors. However, one of the most common reasons for insomnia is the body’s inability to produce adequate levels of melatonin, a chemical that tells the body when it’s time to fall asleep.

Melatonin can be sourced from medicine, but a much more natural way to improve the melatonin levels in your body is to eat more walnuts. The high content of fatty acids in walnuts is another factor that facilitates better sleep.

8. Glowing skin

Using walnut for skin whitening directly will hardly bring you the desired result, but it can be very helpful for preparing your skin for other skin care procedures. You need to use the husk of the walnuts instead of the nuts themselves – grind them, turn them into a scrub, and use it to exfoliate your skin several times a week.

9. Healthy pregnancy

Walnuts improve your health during pregnancy in several ways. First, they content a lot of copper, which is vital for the healthy development of a fetus. Second, the high fiber content of walnuts aids in weight management during pregnancy. Third, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber also help the baby develop perfectly.

10. Weight loss

Numerous studies depict the different ways walnuts help in weight loss. Thanks to being rich in fiber and protein, walnuts allow you to stay full for a long time, avoiding high-calorie snacks. Plus, the omega-3 fatty acids contained in walnuts are proven to prevent obesity.

11. Beautiful hair

Again, the omega-3 fatty acids of walnuts are to thank for their positive effect on the hair, particularly hair growth. Walnut benefits for hair including boosting the rate of your hair growth, making your hair follicles stronger, and eliminating the dandruff.

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