The Most Interesting Finds On Jiji This Week

Another week, another variety of fantastic new products on Jiji! Want to make everyone jealous with your amazing Jiji finds? Check out this list of the most interesting products of the week on Jiji!

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1. LED Party Balloons

Get your party started with these fabulous LED balloons! Suitable for any kind of party, from a birthday celebration to a wedding reception, these balloons will light up your evening and will last for the whole night until the party is over.

2. 5-in-1 Emergency Utility Tool

We always think an emergency situation is unlikely to happen to us, but if it does happen someday, you don’t want to be unprepared. This emergency utility tool contains a tire pressure gauge, an ultra bright LED light, a seat belt cutter, a magnet, and a hammer for all kinds of emergencies.

3. Tattoo Lip Stain

Want your beautiful lip colour to last for the whole day and survive the breakfast, dinner, supper, and coffee breaks? Then get a tattoo lip stain! Available in 6 amazing colours, this lip stain is super easy to apply will only come off when you want it to!

4. Vintage Ride On Toy Car

Here is a gift any kid would be extremely happy and lucky to get! Allow your baby to ride in style by presenting them with this stylish vintage Jaguar ride on toy car! The car comes with a remote control and can give your whole family hours of fun.

5. Designer Oil Perfume

Oil perfume is known to last longer and is less irritating to sensitive skin than alcohol-based perfume, so this oil perfume from the most famous perfume brands like Gucci and D&G is definitely a good choice! Plus, you can customize the perfume and design your own unique fragrance.

6. Chin chin cutter

If you want your chin chin to come out looking perfect and uniform every time you make this tasty snack, get yourself a chin chin cutter! It can also be used for making a variety of other dishes, including pasta, and starting a chin chin business is much easier when you have a cutter.

7. Blood Circulation Massager

Poor blood circulation is the cause of many health problems, while the Chinese medicine associates good health with certain pressure points on the feet. Kill two birds with one stone using this massager, which is recommended for hypertension, headaches, excess weight, and many other conditions.

8. Self-Stirring Mug

Let your mug stir your coffee, tea, juice, milkshake, or any other beverage for you and keep it hot or cold for as long as you like! This self-stirring mug makes a fantastic gift, and it’s also indispensable for office, travels, or simply enjoying this novelty at home!

9. Spy Camera Pen

There are many reasons why you may need a discreet and affordable hidden camera, but there is only one perfect solution – a spy camera pen. Completely undetectable and very easy to use, this is the spy gadget you dreamed of as a child!

10. Cat Eye Makeup Stencil

Master the art of flawless cat eye and smoky eye with this makeup stencil! No more errors, no more smudges, no more wrongly shaped lines and no more left eye makeup that differs from the right eye makeup!

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