Latest Bungalow Designs In Nigeria

Bungalow in Nigeria is one of the most popular types of housing for many reasons. Bungalow designs in Nigeria are spacious, cozy, and easily customizable according to your needs and tastes. Check out some inspiring modern bungalow designs in Nigeria!

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1. What makes bungalows special?

If you look at any latest bungalow design, you will see that all bungalows in Nigeria have several common features. First, bungalows are expanded horizontally, not vertically – that way they are cheaper to construct and easier to add space to in the future.

Second, most bungalows are covered with flat roofs. And third, usually bungalows are very similarly designed – there is a central room surrounded by narrow corridors, and the rest of the rooms are located around the central area, which makes planning a bungalow house design in Nigeria easier.

2. 3 bedroom bungalow design in Nigeria

3 bedroom bungalow design is a popular choice among small Nigerian families with children. That way the children and the parents have their own space, and there is a common area for the whole family to get together for meals or fun activities.

A garage is optional, but if you have at least one car, a garage is the safest and most practical solution for storing and repairing it when needed. Many modern bungalows in Nigeria have three bedrooms and the owners couldn’t be happier!

3. 4 bedroom bungalow designs in Nigeria

If you’re searching for the ideal 4 bedroom bungalow architectural design, there is a good chance that you either have more than 3 kids, or that your parents or extended family members will be living with you. In that case it’s important to give every tenant enough space.

Architectural designs for 4 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria can often be semi-detached – it means that you will be sharing the territory with another family, but at the same time you will have enough privacy thanks to separate entrances and fences that sometimes divide the area.

4. 5 bedroom bungalow designs in Nigeria

5 bedroom beautiful bungalows in Nigeria are not as common as 3 and 4 bedroom bungalows, but they are the lifelong dream of many real estate fans in the country. With 5 bedroom latest bungalow designs in Nigeria you will never experience the problem of the lack of space.

With a 5-bedroom plan you can take advantage of the best bungalow designs in Nigeria and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of: a walk-in closet, a home cinema, a patio, or even an indoor pool – the decision will be based solely on your budget and not the available space.

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