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The Latest Internet Sensation: The Dream Chasers Dance Group!

Dream Catchers is team of Nigerian junior dancers who have recently been spotted by Rihanna. Rihanna has shared their video on her Instagram page and this became the key moment in the career of these promising guys!

We are now going to tell you everything about this super cool project.

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1. Ikorodu dancers full story

Rihanna is the pop-diva that definitely knows how to dance!

That is why that was such a big deal when she shared a video of a group of dancing kids on her Instagram page! In this way Rihanna celebrated the fact that she became the first female singer ever to achieve 2 billion streams on Apple Music!

This post has received over 2.6 million likes and the kids were also noticed by such celebrities as Naomi Campbell and Diddy. The Dreamcatchers, as the dancers are called, started their career in 2014 and they consist of 10 slum children aged 6-15 — seven girls and three boys.

2. What the founder thinks?

The founder of the group, Seyi Oluyole said to BBC Newsbeat: ‘When I was a teenager, I had to sleep on the road repeatedly because of the financial issues of my family.

Thus, I have always wanted to help other kids”. The funny fact is that the children didn’t even know who Rihanna and other stars are until recently!

‘When I told the kids that their video has been watched by celebrities in different countries, it impressed them so much that some of the kids even cried,” says Seyi.

‘We have been waiting for this moment for such long time that we all cried, in fact, because other people used to tell us it’s a waste of time and we’d never make it to the top.”

What Rihanna did gave the kids hope that they might do even greater things – but they also know that they should do their homework first!

Seyi says:

‘The want to become really decent personalities and change the world via their dancing!”

They dream of meeting stars like Serena Williams and Oprah.

‘What we strive to achieve is that every child could have access to proper education and make it to the top thanks to their passion for dancing!”

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