Nigerian Ankara Prom Dresses 2018 You Must See!

If you want to looks astonishing and trendy at one of the happiest and most important day of your young life, you have to choose the right fashion outfit to reveal your sense of style and compliment your beautiful body!

And that’s what Ankara prom dresses 2018 are for! Don’t be afraid to lose your time while reading this post – we’ve got something really special and you won’t be disappointed!

So here are the best latest prom gowns for your special event!

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1. Prom dress styles

For first, you have to make up your mind and choose the desired style of your prom dress.

The main trendy styles are:

  • Traditional Nigerian prom dresses are always long. Stylists claim that they are ideal for any celebrations that begin after 18 pm. As practice shows, half of graduates choose this type of prom dresses.
  • Ballroom style implies a prom dress with a tight bodice and a lush long skirt. As you can see, this is a very effective and pompous option!
  • Greek style. Prom dress in Greek style, or, as it is also called Empire style is a light, flowing, very gentle and comfortable gown. It ideally suits every girls with the curvy shapes.
  • Hollywood, or Mermaid prom dresses. This type of dress got its name for the obvious reason: Hollywood celebs just adore it! The dress exactly repeats all the curves of the woman’s figure.
  • Lingerie style. Graduates are becoming more brave and relaxed: the design of dresses is created according to the type of underwear. Transparent materials, tender lace and the use of fabrics that create a false impression of nakedness of the body – all this reveals the sexuality of the girl.

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2. African prom dresses 2017

3. Latest prom dresses 2018

4. Trendy colors of prom dresses 2018

4.1. Pastel shades.

4.2. Vivid colors.

4.3. Red prom dress.

Red Dashiki prom dresses continue to meet today’s fashion trends. If you want to create a bright and attractive image, you can choose a fascinating red dress!

4.4. Noble colors.

You can opt for such colors as turquoise, mustard, Khaki, olive and wine. These colors stand out among many other options.                                                                                             

Royal blue prom dresses. We bet nothing looks more pretty and luxurious!

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Best African Prom Dresses of 2017

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