Senator Styles For Couple: 15 Best New Looks

Senator designs were huge in Nigerian fashion of 2017 and they continue to dominate in 2018. Right now we’re witnessing not only fashionable senator styles for ladies and gentlemen – there are plenty of senator styles for couples 2018 to admire!

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1. Dark blue senator suits

The easiest way to rock the latest senator designs for couples is to make two identical senator suits. Dark blue colour is very popular when it comes to choosing senator material – it’s trendy, it’s sophisticated, and it looks equally great on men and women!

2. Red family senator look

Why simply get the latest senator styles for a couple when you can also dress your little one is style? This picture of a family rocking beautiful red senator suits is too cute for words and will definitely inspire you to try this look!

3. White and blue senator suits

Here is a good example of how you can look fabulous in senator wear without making the female senator styles completely match the male’s outfit. Blue and white are a match made in heaven, and many senator suit styles employ this combination.

4. Blue senator styles

On first glance, these senator native wears look pretty similar. However, the man’s senator fashion style has one remarkable detail – the striking embroidery around the collar that makes the look even more stylish.

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5. White senator styles with embroidery

Embroidery is one of the most popular ways to elevate the latest senator designs. Contrasting embroidery is always a good idea for making white senator wears even more elegant.

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6. Magenta senator wear

It takes a truly bold couple to rock the latest senator design in a bright magenta colour, which only makes this couple’s look even more charming. Become the most talked about couple anywhere you go with this gorgeous senator style!

7. Turquoise and black senator styles

Two-toned senators wear is getting more popular. You can pair your latest senator design shirt and trousers with any other outfits you own and get a new fashionable outfit every time!

8. White and gold senator wear

White and gold are one of the most elegant pairings in senator wears for ladies, but it also looks fantastic in men’s senator styles. Together these two white senator outfits with gold embroidery are incredibly chic.

9. Polka dot senator styles

Printed senator styles are a hot new trend of 2018. Right now you can find chequered and striped male and female senator wears, but we especially love this jaunty polka dot outfit for a couple.

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10. Brown and silver senator wears

One of the most unusual couple senator outfits on our list is this brown and silver combo. Silver embroidery adds a sophisticated touch to the earthy brown tone, which, together with silver, works like a charm.

11. Green and white senator styles

A popular way to rock matching senator wears without going for absolutely identical outfits is to use inverted colours. Both of these colours work incredibly well together, but we especially like the green senator dress.

12. Blue senator outfits

A foolproof way to show off your love and common sense of style to the world is to wear two completely matching senator suits. They say that the couple who dresses together, stays together, and it couldn’t be more true!

13. White senator wears with kente

White senator wears don’t always look particularly exciting, but if you add just one colourful accents, for example, a kente patch, the whole look will truly shine!

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14. Family senator look

Another senator family look and another winner of an outfit! The family couldn’t look more adorable even if they tried, and the elegant senator outfits certainly help!

15. Yellow and purple senator wears

Add a little colour in your life with the help of a new senator look for your couple! Yellow and purple is an unconventional colour combination, but both looks are simply exquisite.

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